Shakti: Harman and Soumya’s moment of solace

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Soumya and Harman’s relation got a relaxing time after Gurumaa’s truth came out. Harman stopped giving the tests to prove his love. Harman takes care of Soumya. He sees the sores on Soumya’s feet. He asks her why is she finding Preeto by hurting herself. He comforts her bruised feet. He asks Soumya not to stop him from doing his duty. Soumya tells him that she doesn’t want him to touch her feet. Soumya asks Harman will he send her to hell by touching her feet, husband shouldn’t touch wife’s feet.

Harman asks Soumya not to give him Gyaan, he knows Lord is preached and she is like a Devi for him. Harman tells her that when she is with him, its a heaven for her. He tells her that her love is in his heart. He doesn’t let her speak. She tells him that she has to tell him something. She laughs and tells him that the hot water got cooled. Harman checks the water and asks why did you not tell this before, I will heat the water and come. Soumya gets emotional seeing his love.

The kinners praise Harman and tell Soumya that even Harman is like a Devta, he has been an ideal husband. They ask Harman when is he going home. He tells her that he will stay with Soumya, its his final decision, he doesn’t care if anyone calls him Ghar jamai. Harman doesn’t want to go from the kinner house. He has got connected with everyone. He treats the kinners as his family. He tells Chameli and Kareena that they are like sisters for him, and now he wants to live with his new family. Soumya wants to unite Harman and Preeto again.

Harman has very much upset with Preeto’s drama getting known to him. He declared to Preeto that he will stay with the kinners in their world. Preeto tried hard to explain him that she has done everything for him, as she loves him a lot. Preeto’s selfless love hurts him. Harman’s trust on Preeto shattered. He feels he can never trust Preeto ever again. He doesn’t want Soumya to get against him for Preeto, who played games with Soumya to separate him and Soumya. He is much hurt that his mum has cheated her own blood.

Soumya gets Preeto home. Preeto gets a shelter in kinner house. Preeto used to hate Soumya, as the latter is a kinner. She realizes Soumya is a good bahu to help her in tough time. Soumya wants to unite the family. Harman gets upset seeing Preeto. Soumya wants the differences between Preeto and Harman to end. Soumya knows they love each other a lot. She calms Harman’s anger. Harman tries avoiding Preeto. Soumya’s support will bring happiness in Preeto’s life again. Saaya doubts on Preeto’s intentions. Saaya thinks to find out if Preeti is doing a drama again.


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