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Meri Durga: Gayatri refuses to have the middle class food. She starts insulting Durga’s family. She doesn’t want to consume the poor food. She tells that she will not feed such food to Sanjay, who is already will. She throws the food. Yashpal doesn’t tolerate anyone insulting food. He reprimands her and asks her to pick then food. Durga tries to find more about Jassi. She sees Bhagat around. She attempts to get help from Chetan, hoping he will make her relieved of Bhagat’s strict schedule.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Simmi and Parmeet play with Raman’s emotions and health too. Raman can’t believe Ishita can hurt a child. He recalls having seen her caring for Ruhi. He feels sorrowful that he doesn’t remember anything. He asks Simmi why did he not remember anything if they lost a daughter of the house. Simmi tells Raman that Ishita is not a reliable person. She asks him to stay away from Ishita. She tells him that Ishita is a revengeful lady. Raman decides to cancel the business association with Ishita. He feels sorry for whatever happened with Simmi and Parmeet.


Shivay makes Shwetlana out of the house. Shwetlana blackmails him about the Kalyani mills fire incident evidence against Tej. She tells him that she has the video tape which can ruin the Oberois. Tej and Omkara get hell bent to throw Shwetlana out. Anika is sure that Shivay will solve the mess. Shwetlana presents the evidence against Tej. Shivay has belief in Tej. He worries that Tej can fall in trouble. He feels Shwetlana can’t proof anything by the half truth. She tells him that the tape is enough to get media attention and put Tej behind bars. She asks him to think about his family once. She wins again by making Shivay pay her a price. She keeps her demands and gets an entry home.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Gupta reveals to Anant and everyone that Laila has sold a bride for his son Tarun by looting crores of money from him. He tells everyone that Laila has sold Ahana to Anant for a big price. He warns Anant to be careful of Ahana, who is also a gold digger like Laila. He asks Anant to realize Laila and Ahana’s intentions, the mom-daughter duo can fall to any extent for money. Laila’s image gets ruined in the society. Gupta fulfills his revenge from Laila. Anant’s family gets worried on hearing Gupta.

Anant protects Ahana. He doesn’t believe Gupta. He tells Gupta that he will not tolerate anything against his wife and her family. He takes a strand for Ahana and Laila too. Gupta warns Anant against Raichands. He asks Anant to open eyes and take a step before poverty strikes him because of his new relatives. He tells Anant that Ahana will ruin him.


Manish informs Kartik about someone trying to frame him for the bribing incident. He tells Kartik that police is searching for him. Kartik asks Manish if he could come back home. Manish asks him to extent his holiday and stay there till he solves the matter. Kartik wonders who is having an enmity him. Aryan realizes Kartik is in Greece. He gets revengeful and plans to trap him. Manish shares the matter with the family. He gets determined to nab the culprit. Aryan sets his mind to take revenge from Kartik.

Manish feels once they end the matter, Kartik can peacefully come back. The family gets supportive of Kartik. Kirti informs the family about Kartik and Naira’s Greek wedding. Manish gets emotional about Kartik. He lies to Naira about the matter. He wishes Kartik and Naira stay happy.


Bebe learns that Mishti is not Neil’s daughter. She gets the swapped reports and asks Juhi to reveal the result to everyone. Juhi reveals about DNA match, which proves Neil is Mishti’s father. Bebe instructs Avni not to interfere in Mishti’s matter again. She tells the family that Juhi is Mishti’s mum, so just Juhi will be deciding about Mishti. Neil and Avni try to explain that they want the best for Mishti. Bebe asks Avni to stay away from Mishti from now, even if Avni risked her life to save Mishti from Vidyut. Avni too wants Mishti to be with Juhi. Bebe tells them that Juhi deserves to stay with her daughter.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami doubts that Sudha is acting to be a victim and using her against Lal Mahal. She decides to take Sudha’s test to know her truth. Anami learns Satrupa has helped Lakshya in studies. She asks him to stay away from Satrupa. He tells her that he feels Satrupa is more true than Sudha. He doesn’t want to stay away from Satrupa, who turned into his friend. Satrupa meets Sudha and warns her about Anami. She asks Sudha not to use Anami. She tells Sudha that very soon Anami will expose her and throw her out of the house.

She asks Sudha to wait for the day when she will lose everything. Sudha is determined to give more wounds to Lal Mahal. She tells Satrupa that she will always stay in her life like a bad nightmare. Satrupa challenges to end her evil from the roots.


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