Adhiraj to learn Sudha’s complete past in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Adhiraj bonds well with Dheeru, which makes the latter understand that Adhiraj wants some info from him. Dheeru asks Adhiraj what does he want to know. Adhiraj asks him about Purushottam. Dheeru tells about Baldev and Sudha’s love affair. He says Sudha was in love with Baldev, while Baldev was just playing around with her. He tells Adhiraj how Sudha trapped Baldev in love and planned to secure her place in Lal Mahal. He tells about Sudha’s madness and dangerous attempts to hurt Lal Mahal members. Dheeru tells Adhiraj that Sudha knows Purushottam is dead and she is now leading her own battle. Adhiraj thinks of passing the details to Anami. Adhiraj asks his informer to collect more information about Sudha.

Lakshya tells Anami that he will talk only in English. Anami tests him by asking him a translation. Lakshya doesn’t get the words. Satrupa help him out. Lakshya tells Anami that he will learn perfect English from Satrupa. Anami asks him not to trust Satrupa. She starts her verbal firing on Satrupa. Satrupa doesn’t care for Anami’s taunts.

Narottam tells Sudha that Anami is making a place for herself in Lal Mahal. Sudha determines to make Anami’s destiny like Vatsalya. She tells Narottam that once Anami makes him the heir, they will get Anami out of their way. Narottam feels bad for Anami.

Satrupa suggests Anami to see Sudha’s truth. She tells Anami that Sudha is using her and doing a drama to show her innocent. She asks Anami to open eyes of her mind and see Sudha’s doings, without having any inclination towards her. Anami gets a doubt on Sudha after Narottam reveals that Sudha has met Vatsalya once. She thinks to test Sudha. She realizes Narottam was very close to Vatsalya. Anami fears when everyone’s opinion about Sudha starts turning true.


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