Anjali’s true colors get revealed in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali kidnaps Sahil. She gets angry and gives him current shocks. She threatens him. She asks him to just obey her if he wants his life. Anjali shows her evil side. Sahil was making a team with Roshni and Sanjana. He was thinking he could easily cheat Anjali. Sahil’s mistake costs him a lot. He bears Anjali’s tortures. Simar and Roshni reach Sahil on time and save his life. Simar witnesses Anjali’s truth and gets a huge shock.

Simar learns Anjali’s crimes. Simar does a drama to expose Anjali in front of the family. She slaps Anjali and reprimands her for ruining Sanjana’s life. Anjali planned the drama to avoid the engagement with Sahil. Simar and Prem call the police to get Anjali arrested. She asks inspector to arrest Anjali. Anjali asks Mata ji to save her and not give her to police. Mata ji turns away.

Anjali tries to seek help from Piyush. Piyush and Prem too ignore Anjali’s requests. Anjali realizes no one will help her this time. She fools the police and manages to escape from the house. Sameer apologizes to Sanjana and entire family. He realizes he was wrong to doubt on Sanjana’s character. Anjali’s doings upsets the entire family. They all feel sorry for whatever they did with Sanjana and Roshni. Roshni wins Piyush’s trust again. Anjali gets away from the family for some time. Will police be able to put Anjali behind bars? Keep reading.


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