Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni to lose rights on Parth’s child


Indu and Dadi play with the child. Parth reaches the hospital. He gets to meet the baby and has an emotional moment. Parth hugs Shorvori and his child, and tells Indu that he is taking the child home. Parth bonds with his daughter. The baby brings happiness for everyone. Indu gets a bad news about Teni’s critical state. Indu and Parth get worried for Teni. They learn that Teni needs blood. Parth agrees to donate blood to Teni. Teni feels happy to see Parth’s concern for her. Parth stays by Teni’s side. The family thinks Parth and Teni will be coming close because of the baby. Parth lends his support to her just for the baby’s sake.

Bhanushalis get happiness because of Teni. Parth gets back to his cheerful self. The family hopes Parth will get back to his normal living with the child’s coming. Parth gets busy to look after the baby. Teni recovers and tells Indu that she wants to go home. She asks did Parth come to take me. Indu says Parth has taken the baby home, we will take you home. Teni gets excited to go home and spend time with the baby.

The family is happy that Laxmi has come home. Parth then shocks Teni by telling her that his hatred for her is still the same. He tells her that even if she has delivered Shorvori’s child, he will never forget that she has snatched Shorvori from him. Parth feels Teni has no right on the baby. He blames her for ruining his happy family. Parth stops Teni from meeting the baby. Parth gives the big cheque to Teni, asking her to leave from his house, since her job of being his surrogate got over now. Teni refuses to leave from the house. The family turns supportive of Teni. The coming track will be more emotional and interesting.


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