Rehaan to doubt Ahana’s intentions in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Saloni learns the truth from Tarun, that Gupta has said true about Laila. Ahana and Anant conclude their reception party with a dance. Roshni asks Rehaan why did Gupta say ill about Laila. Rehaan doesn’t want Roshni to know the complicated matters. Saloni gets angry knowing Laila has done wrong with Tarun and her. She confronts Laila for her bad move. Laila tells Tarun that love doesn’t drive the life. Saloni tells her that she will tell the truth to Anant. Laila tells her that Anant can break the marriage if Saloni tells him anything. Aarav hears this and informs Anant. Saloni shows courage to speak up the truth.

Tarun loves Saloni a lot. He tries to lessen the stress. He asks Saloni and Laila to stop the arguments and think for Ahana’s big day. Anant and Ahana reach Saloni. Laila lies to Anant about Gupta who is taking revenge from her.

Roshni doesn’t like Anant getting insulted. Laila and Tarun apologize to Anant. Laila tells Anant that Gupta can break her family. Anant supports Laila. Laila keeps the lie in front of them. Saloni feels bad. Saloni asks Ahana to tell her the truth of Laila and Rahul’s marriage. Ahana doesn’t give any tension to Saloni. She consoles an upset Saloni.

Anant forgives Tarun. He asks Tarun not to feel guilty of anything. Laila gets happy that everything for fine with ease. Yamini plans the post marriage rituals at home. Laila does Ahana’s bidaai. Ahana tells Laila that she is very happy to turn into Anant’s wife. She challenges Laila to do anything she can to help herself. Ahana is glad that she got rid of Laila. Anant’s family welcomes Ahana home. Rehaan pulls Ahana’s leg, as she is his young aunt. Anant tries to make Ahana’s stay comfortable.

Anant gets blind trust on Ahana. He doesn’t believe whatever Gupta spoke against Ahana and Laila. Rehaan doubts Ahana’s intentions after thinking of Gupta’s serious allegations. He doubts if Ahana really married Anant for money. He tries to warn Anant about Ahana. Anant doesn’t believe Rehaan. He feels even Ahana doesn’t know the complete truth of Laila. Rehaan witnesses Anant’s love and trust for Ahana, and thinks to find about Ahana himself. Ahana tries to bond with Roshni and Aarav. Rehaan gets to hear Gupta and Rekha’s conversation about Ahana. He suspects Ahana more. Laila asks Rehaan to stay away from Anant and Ahana, else he will be falling in big trouble. Laila warns Rehaan against spoiling her plans.


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