Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan’s weak moment post JD’s unmasking


Ahaan reprimands JD on learning he is the cruel and insensitive man who caged his love Pankti. He warns JD against badly eyeing Pankti again. He aims revenge from JD, if the latter comes between the lovers again. Ahaan hates JD for cheating Sheetal and entire family. He asks JD how can he have any mistress. He used to praise JD’s love and loyalty before. JD was always an ideal figure for Ahaan. JD’s image shatters in Ahaan’s eyes.

Ahaan gets depressed on learning JD’s truth. He goes away from JD in rage. He gets drinking and tries to commit suicide, being unable to manage the truth. Meanwhile, Anita tries to brainwash Pankti. She tells Pankti that money is everything, love doesn’t help. She asks Pankti to sacrifice her love and get practical. She has sold Pankti to JD. She asks Pankti to obey JD, else Ahaan will meet with an accident. Pankti worriedly calls Ahaan to talk to him once. Anita threatens Pankti about Ahaan’s life. Pankti asks Anita not to be so heartless.

She tells Anita that she is concerned for Ahaan and wants him to be fine. She fails to contact Ahaan. She asks Anita to help her just once. Anita finds out Ahaan’s whereabouts and tells Pankti. Pankti learns Ahaan is at his home. Ahaan gets much drunk. He breaks the wine bottle and is about to cut his wrist with the glass piece. Pankti stops Ahaan from doing so. She supports Ahaan and asks him to move on over this sudden shock. He then stops himself thinking of Pankti, to keep his promises to her. Ahaan determines to protect Pankti. JD gets to see Ahaan and Pankti. He stops Pankti to trouble her. Ahaan gets in between JD and Pankti. He doesn’t let JD trouble Pankti. Ahaan’s reaction towards JD’s negative side will get more drama.


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