Naamkarann: Vidyut scares Avni about Mishti’s ruined future


Juhi speaks ill about Avni and faces Neil’s anger. Mishti hears Juhi’s bad statements. She tells Neela that she doesn’t want to get away from Avni. Neela tries to know who taught the bad things to Mishti. Juhi scolds Neela for teaching wrong things to Mishti. Juhi creates a huge scene. Bebe asks Juhi to stop this. She worries that the fights are affecting Mishti more. Avni feels sorrowful. She visits Aisha’s grave and shares her problems. She expects Neil to come to her. She gets a shock when she sees Vidyut. Vidyut falls for her once again. He gets complimenting her beauty.

She reprimands him for being an evil man and hurting Mishti. He challenges her to save Mishti if she can. He tells her that he will soon ruin her life, and make her away from Neil. He tells her that Neil will not leave Juhi and Mishti for her sake. Neela comes to support Avni. She witnesses Vidyut and Avni’s argument. Vidyut tells Avni that he will enter her home and snatch everything from her.

Avni worries by his threatening. She finds Neil tensed and doesn’t share the matter with him. Ragini Pandit secretly meets Juhi and asks her to follow her path to get Neil. She asks Juhi to win Neil’s heart. Juhi agrees to do anything to get Neil in her life. Bebe and Shweta take Mishti to the park to make her mood better. Their plan flops when Mishti faces humiliation from the society. Shweta scolds the ladies for their cheap thinking.

Juhi acts emotionally broken to gain sympathy. Avni worries that Mishti will go through the same pain as her, she will face troubles as Neil and Juhi aren’t married. Neil tells her that they will teach Mishti to bravely answer the people with truth. He asks Avni not to worry about the future and be positive. Avni deals with her sorrow. She thinks of the problems she faced in childhood.

Neil tells her that he will make the impossible thing possible for her. Avni is hopeful that Mishti will have a good life as Mishti has the entire family with her. Juhi hammers Avni with anger again. She tells Avni that Neil and she can take care of their daughter. She blames Avni for filling hatred in Mishti’s heart. Avni gets much hurt hearing Juhi’s bitterness. Juhi tells her decision that she will leave with Mishti as she can’t tolerate Avni with Mishti. She asks Avni to stay away from Mishti. Neil gets to see Juhi’s negative side. He finds Avni heartbroken. He doesn’t know why Juhi is acting strange.


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