Avni to realize Juhi’s clever plotting in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni thinks for Mishti’s future. She gets scared that Mishti’s future will be ruined. She shares her sorrow with Neil. She takes a decision to sacrifice Neil’s love for the sake of Mishti’s future. Avni spends few sweet moments with Neil. She tells Neil that she loves him a lot, which he knows very well. He doesn’t want to hear anything of her bad planning. He understands Avni is thinking of sacrificing their love. She tells them that they can’t be selfish. She asks him to think for Mishti, who is his blood. Neil refuses to listen to her.

Avni tells him that she can understand Mishti and Juhi’s pain. She relates them with herself and Aisha. She tells Neil that such pain can’t be understood by anyone, it can just be felt by one who goes through it. She tells Neil that Mishti also wants a normal family like she wanted. She tells Neil to give Mishti a normal happy family by breaking their marriage. She tells her decision that they have to get separated. He tells her that they have to be strong, but can’t get away like this.

She tells him that Mishti wants her dad and Juhi wants his love and support. Neil tells Avni that he doesn’t love Juhi, he can’t suffer by marrying Juhi. He tells her that it will be unfair if he marries Juhi without having any love for her. Vidyut gets more poison filled by his mum. She fuels his anger. She tells him that she has stayed in jail just to protect him. He promises to take care of her. She reveals to him that Avni has a big weakness.

Vidyut makes plans to celebrate, thinking Avni and Neil will get separated. Neela meets him to warn him against doing another sin. She challenges him to win over Neil if he can. She tells him that both Neil and Avni are winners, they can never break down or lose to anyone. She tells Vidyut about her strong upbringing and values given to Avni. She humiliates him for having a bad upbringing by his criminal mother. Vidyut gets raged. Bebe gets compelled to decide Neil and Juhi’s marriage. She tells Prakash and Shweta that Mishti can’t tolerate such a bad life.

She tells them that either Mishti has to leave from the house or she should get her parents with her. She wants the marriage to happen even when Shweta opposes her. Bebe gets helpless to decide this against Avni’s future. She recalls how she was threatened by Vidyut into hiding Mishti’s paternity truth. Ragini Pandit meets Bebe and asks her to convince Neil for marrying Juhi. Bebe tells her that Neil loves Avni a lot, and he will never agree to marry Juhi. Ragini Pandit threatens her about her children’s lives. Bebe gets stuck in a bad situation. Neela asks Avni not to lose out to Juhi and understand that Juhi and Vidyut have planned everything against her. Neela asks Avni to open eyes and think wise, she will be surely see the web laid by Juhi. Avni understands Juhi’s game and gets furious.


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