Imli to rule over barren Aazaadgunj in Udaan


Chakor kills Bhaiya ji to end his evil. Chakor gets arrested for the crime. Chakor faces the court hearing. She is accused for the murder. Kasturi and Bhuvan try to take the blame on them to save Chakor. Suraj gets angry when Chakor accepts the crime blame and also the punishment. Suraj loses cool and asks Chakor how can she leave him alone. He doesn’t want Chakor to go jail.

Chakor tells the judge that she has killed Bhaiya ji and law can punish her for this. The villagers support Chakor. Suraj tells the judge that whatever Chakor did was right, Bhaiya ji has killed their child, she killed him in self defence. Chakor wanted the village to get a change. Suraj wants Chakor to come back to the family. She wants to get punished as she took law in hand. She gets five year imprisonment. Suraj and the entire villagers cry for Chakor, after hearing the court verdict. Chakor goes to jail. In few years, Aazaadgunj becomes a land of crimes and tortures. Chakor and Imli’s battle will soon begin. Imli’s evil will be moving Chakor off her feet.


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