Roshni gets displeased by Ahana’s move in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan hides his feelings for Ahana from his girlfriend. He finds the hypnotherapy a nonsense. His girlfriend gets upset knowing she was not in Rehaan’s thoughts. Rehaan doesn’t reveal anything. Laila gets defamed when Gupta’s accusations gets printed by the media. She gets angry and thinks to find out who has done this with her. Ahana finds herself lucky knowing Roshni is preparing something for her to give her a surprise. Ahana bonds with everyone by her simple nature. Roshni gets upset when Ahana tries to make changes in the kitchen. Yamini asks Roshni not to let any thoughts take over her.

Roshni thinks things started changing with Ahana’s coming. She doesn’t want Yamini’s rights to go to Ahana. Karan explains Roshni that Ahana is not wrong. Roshni feels Ahana is wrong to change the things set by her mum. Ahana tries to impress Roshni and Aarav. Roshni doesn’t like Ahana getting all the attention. Reema joins the family. Ahana tells everyone that Anant is her best friend. She tries to get friendly with Roshni. Kavita worries after stealing Laila’s earrings. On getting caught, Kavita tells Ahana that Karan has stolen the earrings. Roshni gets to hear Kavita’s nonsense.

While Kavita claims to love Karan, she frames him in the theft. Roshni takes a stand for Karan. Roshni tells everyone that Karan can’t steal the earring. Karan gets hurt seeing Kavita’s allegations on him. He is happy to see Roshni supporting him. He gets worried for Kavita. He doesn’t want to get Kavita fall in everyone’s eyes. He stays silent. Everyone has belief in Karan’s honesty. Karan accepts the blame. Ahana ends the matter which ruins the house peace. Rehaan deals with his love realization. He doesn’t want Ahana to take over his mind. He tries to make his feelings settled as this can rock Ahana and Anant’s marriage.


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