Tia to make a dramatic planned entry in Ishqbaaz


Tia will be targeting Oberois now. Like Shwetlana, Tia also gets a planned entry. Shivay gets Tia home. Tia’s re-entry will get more twists. Tia has turned positive before her track halted. It has to be seen how Shwetlana has fueled her against the Oberois again, what makes Tia settle scores with Shivay. Anika learns about Shivay’s accident. Anika asks him if he is fine. Shivay shows Tia to the family. Shivay tells Anika that he has got Tia, who needed his help. Tia got hit by Shivay’s car. Anika treats Tia’s wound. Tia has made a soft corner in everyone’s hearts. Shwetlana has planned Tia’s entry.

Shwetlana sees her plan working and enjoys. Anika hugs Tia and is happy to see her. Anika thinks Tia will be on their side. They don’t know Tia will support Shwetlana. The family had forgiven Tia for her mistakes before.

Tia does a drama that she has lost her eyesight. Tia panicks and screams that she can’t see anything. The family feels Tia has lost her eyesight because of the accident. Tia tells Shivay that her life has many problems already, she is getting divorced and now this happened. She asks Shivay to tell her who did her accident, who has ruined her life. Shivay accepts that he is responsible for her accident. Anika and Pinky assure Tia that they will take care of her till she recovers her eyesight. Shivay sympathizes with Tia. Tia and Shwetlana pass signs to each other.

Pinky hugs Tia and consoles her. Shwetlana was falling weak to face Obros and their partners. She involves Tia to get some support. Shwetlana tries to break the family. She blocks Rudra’s credit card to trouble him. Shwetlana and Tia start planning to outdo Anika and Gauri. Rudra gets a new bike. Gauri does the puja of the bike. Rudra gives a ride to Dadi. Shivay and Anika are very happy seeing Rudra happy. They want Rudra to live without any stress. Rudra’s costly bike becomes a reason to initiate the financial fights.

Rudra shows his new bike to Tia. He gives his card to make the payment. The man tells Rudra that his card is not working. Rudra gets worried. He asks Tej to pay for the bike. Tej says maybe the machine is not working well, you can try my card. Tej’s card doesn’t work either. Tej asks how can this happen, there are sufficient funds.

Shwetlana says your time is bad, not the machine, its my money and I will not waste money on such useless things. She refuses to pay for the bike. She asks the man to take the bike back. Shivay stops the man and pays for the bike. He doesn’t want Rudra to suffer. Tej blames Shivay for getting them insulted. Shivay says Rudra will get whatever he wants, as his brother is still alive. Rudra hugs him. Shivay fails Shwetlana’s plan. Jhanvi is glad that Shivay didn’t let her trust break. She is sure Shivay will always look after his brothers.


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