Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth to lighten his annoyance


Parth is very happy to become a dad. He asks the nurse to teach him how to handle a new born. He doesn’t allow Teni to touch the baby. The baby cries. Parth takes nurse’s instructions and changes the baby’s nappy. He takes care of the baby. He puts the baby to sleep. Nurse helps him. He learns baby care from nurse. He pays attention and understands the process. He gets the baby to Indu. Indu tells him that baby needs his mum, baby will get consoled only by a mum’s touch. Parth respects Indu and agrees to her. She tells him that Teni will feed the baby and return the baby to him in some time. Parth allows Teni to take the baby. Indu and Teni spend time with the baby and get some happiness.

Parth is still annoyed with Teni. He feels helpless to give Shorvori’s child to Shorvori’s murderer. Indu tells him that child needs mother’s milk for development. She tells him that a father can’t manage a newly born on own, he is hurting the baby by being stubborn.


Parth worries as the baby is premature. She asks him to put down his annoyance. Indu and the family don’t believe Parth’s doubt on Teni. They all believe in Teni. Indu knows Teni has given birth to a baby, and she has a strong connection with the baby. She notices Teni is holding herself back just because of Parth. She understands Teni loves the baby a lot and is not able to stay away. She wants to help Teni and the baby. She wants the baby to get a mum’s warmth, knowing Parth can love the baby, but give a mum’s love. They are trying that Parth and Teni unite. Indu hopes the baby will become a link between Parth and Teni.


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