New love journey for Suraj and Chakor in Udaan


Suraj meets Chakor in jail. Chakor has give a big sacrifice for the village’s welfare. Suraj hugs Chakor and tells her that he will always love her, he will wait for her. He gets much emotional. He tells her that he is given very less time to talk to her, but he wants to tell her that she has set everything fine, Bhaiya ji got punished for his mistakes. Suraj gets much sorrowful as he has lost Chakor and their child. He is hopeful that five years will end soon. He says I heard they can leave you free based on your good behavior. She jokes that her behavior is not so good.

He asks her to take care, else he will break all walls and come to her. He wants to talk everything, which we can’t talk for five years. They imagine how will they live without each other.


Suraj promises Chakor that he will come to take her with dhol nagada when she gets free from jail. He tells her that she will see the entire village in front of her eyes. Chakor and Suraj cry out their emotions. Chakor imagines the moment that she gets free from jail. She sees everything as per Suraj’s promise. He sees Suraj dancing with everyone and giving a warm welcome to Chakor. Things change post leap, as Suraj forgets her completely. The show will now focus on Bandhuagiri. There will be big changes in Chakor and Suraj’s characters. Their love story will begin again.


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