Raman and Ishita to compete for CEO award in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Bhallas and Iyers become neighbors again. Ishita gets happy seeing her mum and Mrs. Bhalla fighting like before. She feels their usual fights can trigger Raman’s memory. Iyers celebrate their comeback in their old flat. Ishita finds excuses to meet Raman. She gets glad to become his neighbor again. Ishita gets into an argument with Raman. She complains about his mother troubling them. Simmi doesn’t think Ishita can succeed. Raman doesn’t recall anything. Simmi is confident that Raman can never regain his memory. Raman asks Simmi to make Iyers away.

Simmi tells Ishita that Raman will never recall the past. Ishita tries to hide her plannings from Simmi. Simmi warns her against trying anything again. She tells Ishita that Raman will never accept her. Ishita thinks why did Raman’s recovery progress stop. She fears Simmi has done something again.

Ishita gets another chance to trigger Raman’s memory by fighting with him in the business award function. She is sure that their enmity will help Raman. She finds this opportunity good to get the family together. Shagun insults Adi’s friend. She doesn’t want Adi and Aaliya’s marriage to suffer. Raman and Ishita have a clash in the business meeting. Ashok takes a stand for Ishita. Raman challenges Ishita for the CEO award.

Ishita tries to show him the mirror. She tells Raman that his business faced big losses and he can’t win in the competition. Raman is sure that his company’s overall success and his work experience will make him win. Ishita tries to make him realize that he did a big mistake by giving his business in Parmeet’s hands. Parmeet gets worried when Raman seeks an answer from him.

Raman and Ishita compete for the CEO award. Adi gets informed about his friend’s sorrow. Shagun confronts Adi about his affair. She worries for Aaliya. She asks Adi why is he getting distanced from Aaliya. Adi tells her about Aaliya’s huge blunders. She asks him to realize his mistake. She suggests he should sort his differences with Aaliya. Adi doesn’t listen to her. Ishita asks Ruhi if she has changed the medicines to make Raman recover. Ruhi tells her that she did the work in Budapest itself. Ishita suspects the medicines have got switched again. She seeks Ruhi’s help. Ishita plans to expose Simmi’s wrong doings in front of Raman and family. Raman will be learning Simmi and Parmeet’s truth.


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