Soumya returns to sort Rudra’s life in Ishqbaaz


Shivay gets another shock from Shwetlana. He reveals to the family that Shwetlana is not going. He promises to manage everything. They get emotional seeing Rudra. Rudra tries to hide his sorrow from his brothers. Shivay tells his brothers that whatever he will do will be for them. Omkara and Rudra tell him that they will always trust him, no matter whatever happens. Shivay reveals a huge secret to them, by taking a promise from them. They promise to keep the matter a secret. Omkara and Rudra learn the secret and support Shivay.

Shivay thanks Anika for always supporting him. He is sure that Anika will always manage his family, even in his absence. Anika tells him that she can’t live without him. He asks her if she will trust him forever, even if much changes happen around. Anika promises to always support him. He is proud of Anika’s love, which gets on becoming stronger with time. Shivay gets emotional.

Gauri supports Omkara. She gives her best wishes for his trip. Omkara thanks her. He feels he is being unjust to her to leave her alone and go away. He is glad that she is always there for him. Anika too tells Shivay that she will always be there for him. He asks her if she will support him when she learns he did anything wrong. Anika is sure that Shivay can’t do anything wrong. She gives him time to break the matter to her on his own. Anika’s belief encourages him.


Gauri asks Omkara to stay strong. They have few romantic moments. Jhanvi is happy that Omkara has got his inspiration. Omkara takes her blessings. Shivay and Rudra see off Omkara with all their love. Shivay finds Jhanvi low. He tells Jhanvi that they are with her, even if one of her son is going away. Shivay decides to hurt his family’s sentiments to protect his family from huge disasters. He wants to safeguard them at any cost. Shivay makes a mind to name Omkara and Rudra’s shares to Shwetlana.

Rudra gets a shocking information about Bhavya. When Manav comes to meet Bhavya, Rudra tells him that Bhavya is fired from the job. Rudra learns that Bhavya didn’t marry Manav. Manav tells Rudra that Bhavya didn’t marry him only for Rudra’s sake. He scolds Rudra for all his immaturity and non-understanding. He asks Rudra to realize Bhavya’s feelings for her.

Rudra tries to meet Bhavya and apologize to her. He expresses his feelings for Bhavya. He begs her for a chance to set everything fine between them. Rudra gets a huge shock when he sees Soumya back. Soumya gets happy hearing his feelings, which were meant for Bhavya. Soumya and Rudra’s meet gets special. Rudra apologizes to her and tells her that he said all those words for Bhavya. Soumya tells him that she is updated about his life. He tells her that he has hurt Bhavya a lot, he did a big mistake.


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