Amma ji’s instant justice step irks Anushka in Laado 2


Anushka learns Amma ji’s past. They get to face each other in Veerpur. Amma ji and Anushka collide in the market. They both get a huge shock seeing each other. They get emotional and hug. Amma ji had hidden her past from Anushka till now. Amma ji takes Anushka home. They both confront each other for hiding about their stay in Veerpur. Amma ji tells Anushka that she was trying to protect her. Yuvraaj is helping Anushka in finding Jhanvi’s murderers. Amma ji warns him and asks him to stay away from Anushka. They both want to get justice for Jhanvi. Anushka didn’t know Amma ji has lied to her. Anushka stops Amma ji from hurting Yuvraaj. She gets a shock when she sees Amma ji pointing a gun at Yuvraaj. She wants to get justice by legal way. She thinks of meeting Yuvraaj by hiding from Amma ji. She doesn’t want Amma ji to take law and order in her hands. She gets saddened knowing Amma ji’s past and sacrifices.

Anushka sees Jhanvi’s ashes kalash. She is restless. Amma ji has revenge fire in her heart. Anushka wants to get the culprits punished by law. She tells Amma ji that she has come to catch Jhanvi’s culprits and get justice. She doesn’t identify Amma ji’s angry avatar. She is in dilemma seeing Amma ji’s anger and emotional swings. Ammi ji wants to send her away from Veerpur, fearing she will also end up like Jhanvi. She knows the village is not safe for Anushka.

Amma ji takes an extreme step in anger. She goes to kill the man who tortures a young girl. Amma ji wants to stop Balwant’s tortures. She wants to protect the village girls. She tells the goons that if they eyes the girls in an evil way, she will turn them blind. She wants to get instant justice for the girls. She declares her decision right on the incident spot. Balwant learns Anushka is Amma ji’s granddaughter. He decides to kill Anushka and take revenge.


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