Harman and Soumya return to Singh family in Shakti

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Harman and Soumya pack their bags and get ready to return home. Soumya asks Preeto to accompany them, as they want to fight for Preeto’s rights in Singh house. Harman wants to take revenge from Mohini. Soumya convinces Harman to help Preeto. Harman sees Saaya asking Preeto to go with the kinners and get a nek. Saaya says Preeto can’t stay without earning, she is not a guest anymore, how long can we treat her as a guest and feed her for free. Saaya’s words hurt Harman. Though he was annoyed with his mum, he can’t see her insult. Harman opposes this. Saaya does this drama to trigger Harman’s emotions for Preeto. Her plan succeeds when Harman breaks his silence and reacts.

He tells Saaya that Preeto will not beg for nek. Saaya doesn’t want to listen to Soumya and Harman. She says you both don’t want to get her rights, Preeto is helpless to stay here and obey our rules, if she stays here, she has to beg nek as per this house rules. Harman then agrees to take Preeto home.

Soumya and Preeto meet all the kinners and take a leave. Soumya hugs Saaya and others. She gets blessings from them. She gets emotional to leave from kinner house. She has to return to Singh house only for Preeto, who made her leave the house before. Saaya gets emotional to do Soumya’s bidaai. She is happy that Soumya’s struggle ended, Soumya is accepted by Preeto and she is now going to her own house. Saaya wishes Soumya stays happy in Singh house.

Preeto refuses to go home. Saaya asks Preeto to go, Harman and Soumya will stand by her and give her courage, they will fight for her self respect and get her lost place back. Harman will be taking revenge for Preeto’s insult. Later on, Harman and Soumya come home and try to explain Harak. They ask Harak to accept Preeto. They want Mohini to leave from their lives. Mohini insults Soumya. Harak doesn’t listen to anyone. He asks Soumya to leave from the house. When Soumya tries to settle Preeto, Harak angrily goes to slap Soumya. Harman gets in between and stops him. Harman gets angry on Harak and asks him if he has got blind in Mohini’s love. He asks Harak to remember what can happen if Soumya gets hurt. Harman leaves Harak with a warning. Harman and Soumya ask the family to support Preeto.


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