Raman’s hatred for Ishita to intensify in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita tries to expose Simmi’s crimes. She gets delighted knowing Raman has taken Simmi and Parmeet’s good class for the business losses. Ishita wanted Raman to check through his business projects, so that he can know how Parmeet is duping him by showing his big favor to manage the business, Raman learns Parmeet can brought in huge losses for the company. He removes Parmeet from the company. Raman seeks an answer from Simmi and Parmeet. Simmi uses her tears to get Raman’s sympathy. She gets angry on Parmeet. Parmeet apologizes to Raman. He admits his mistakes and tells Raman that he tried his best with the knowledge and business sense he had. Parmeet tries to make Raman feel guilty.

Simmi corrupts Raman’s mind. She gives him the wrong medicines again. She is sure that Raman will forget their mistake in some time, as per his illness. She asks Parmeet not to worry. Romi gets happy seeing Mihika back. Mihika tells him that her divorce decision is still intact. She scolds him for cheating him and ruining their relation. Romi begs her for a chance to keep the marriage. Mihika doesn’t agree to live with him. She makes Romi out of her room. Romi gets hurt seeing her bitterness.

Ishita meets a doctor to know about Raman’s state. The doctor tells him about Raman’s mental disorder. She asks Ishita to help Raman before he completely loses his mental capabilities. She tells Ishita that the banned drugs are really harmful for Raman’s life. Ishita gets too worried for Raman. Doctor analyses Raman’s current situation, how he is losing his thinking capabilities and memories because of the pills. She tells Ishita that Raman’s memory will get wiped off completely.

Ishita understands that Simmi is giving wrong pills to Raman to control his mind. Ishita learns the dangerous side effects of the pills. Doctor tells her that Raman’s recovery would be slow. She advises Ishita to handle Raman’s case carefully. Ishita thinks Simmi has taken the responsibility of giving the banned medicines to Raman. She takes police home to get Simmi arrested. She reveals to the family that Simmi is giving wrong medication to Raman, he has lost his memory till now and can lose his life as well.

Simmi sees her place falling low in the family. She decides to play a game to make Ishita fall in Raman’s eyes. She plans to increase the rivalry between Raman and Ishita. She targets her own family to fulfill her motives. Simmi doesn’t care for any unfair means employed to settle scores with Ishita. Ashok and Ishita plan to reveal about Simmi giving banned drugs to Raman. Before Ishita prepares for getting Simmi arrested for this crime, Simmi gets set to clear her name.

Ishita demands Simmi to produce the medical reports and consent papers for giving the medicines to Raman. Simmi plays smart and outdoes Ishita. She frames her own mum in the blame. She shows Mrs. Bhalla’s consent. Ishita tells inspector that Mrs. Bhalla is innocent. She decides to take her complaint back. Inspector arrests Mrs. Bhalla for the blame. He doesn’t listen to Ishita.

Ishita gets worried for her plan failing. Simmi breaks this news to Raman. She asks Raman to see Ishita’s true face. Mrs. Bhalla and Raman’s heart get broken by Ishita’s complaint. Raman hates Ishita even more. Raman gets revengeful. He threatens Ishita in anger. Ishita feels guilty to trouble Mrs. Bhalla. Romi and Mihika learn the matter. They decide to team up and help Raman and Ishita. Ishita breaks down emotionally. She gains courage to face Simmi and the hurdles in her way. Ishita determines to think of some way to accomplish her goals. Ishita decides to make Raman part away from the wrong medication.


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