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Sasural Simar Ka: Pari does a drama to keep an eye on Simar and Mata ji. She uses a toy car to spy on Simar. Simar stays sad after Anjali has gone jail. She hides her worries from Prem. Prem doubts that Simar is hiding something. Simar hides something in the cupboard. She stops Prem from opening the cupboard. Prem asks her if she is fine, why is she behaving strange. She says you would have messed the cupboard if you looked for the file. She is scared to open a box, which can bring troubles for the family. She decides to hides the box from everyone’s sight. She takes the mystery box. Pari tries to know about the box.

Laado 2:


Amma ji knows Anushka is annoyed with her. She tries to convince Anushka. She makes Anushka’s favorite food. She is worried as Anushka doesn’t eat food. Anushka and Amma ji’s fight makes the situation tensed at home. Anushka drops her anger and comes to have food. Anushka gets a call from Yuvraaj. She lies to Amma ji and goes. Saroja asks Amma ji how did she allow Anushka to go out. Amma ji explains her step. She says if I control her much, if I don’t give her freedom, her anger will get high and her trust on me will get less. Yuvraaj sees Anushka in danger and comes to her rescue. Rantej teases Revati in the market. Amma ji stops Rantej. She challenges Rantej to get ready to learn a lesson from him.


Oberoi mansion started having a war for the Oberoi empire. Pinky and Jhanvi get into a cat-fight. They fight for the house keys. Dadi gets a huge shock and cries. Dadi finds the family shattering. She can’t believe her sight. She never wished her family to fight for any materialistic thing. Anika, Gauri and Shakti console Dadi. Jhanvi asks Shivay to leave from the house. Shivay and Anika decide to leave happily as they want to see the family together and in peace. They also have a mission to unveil Shwetlana’s secrets and find a way to get rid of her permanently. Shivay doesn’t want Shwetlana to keep returning and troubling them for revenge.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi’s ex boyfriend is troubling her. Aarohi comes home and appears tensed to Deep. Aarohi is in search of a truth. She tells the entire matter to Deep. She tells him that Vishal is texting her. He asks her why does Vishal want to meet her, when he cheated her and left her. She tells him that she had to meet Vishal to get answers. He asks her to come to senses and not listen to Lakshya, who wants to put all the blame on her by taking advantage of her mental illness. Aarohi hugs him. Deep consoles her and assures his support.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay and Bulbul plan to get engaged again. Someone has hidden Vijay and Bulbul’s engagement ring. Bulbul gets crying and tells him that now the engagement can’t happen, she has lost Mandira’s ring and had to give her ring to Mandira.s She blames her stupidity. Vijay consoles her. He tells her that ring won’t come back if she cries, if the ring is lost, it doesn’t mean engagement will stop. He worries knowing someone did this intentionally. He says I will arrange something, this engagement has to take place. He doubts that Mandira is trying to stop his engagement. There will be much drama in the engagement function.


Preeto accepts Soumya as her bahu. She announces this decision. She hears Saaya and Soumya’s conversation. Preeto gets emotional hearing Soumya’s good thoughts for her. Saaya says I m happy that Soumya learnt fighting in her life in every role, be it a wife, bahu, daughter or a kinner. Preeto says I m very much ashamed, I agree I did mistakes, I have thought just as a mum in law, I regret that I did what others do, life gives less chance to live an ideal life, I got that chance, but didn’t understand. She apologizes to Soumya and hugs her. Soumya is happy to see Preeto’s humane side.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Maasa plans to add poison in her own food to keep Devi and Adhiraj away. She wants to blame Devi for the crime. Urmi and Bansuri talk about Maasa’s planning. Devi gets to hear them and can’t believe Maasa can go to this extent and risk her own life for fulfilling her hatred. She wants to save Maasa’s life. Maasa wanted to prove Devi is her biggest enemy. Maasa tells Adhiraj that Devi wants to kill her. She blames Devi for adding the poison in her food. Devi wants to prove herself right. She tells Adhiraj that she has made the food by her hands, she didn’t add any poison in it. Devi eats the poisoned food herself. She gets away from everyone when she starts getting affected by the poison.


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