Vexed Harman takes a stand for Preeto’s dignity in Shakti


Preeto accepts Soumya as her bahu. She announces this decision. She hears Saaya and Soumya’s conversation. Preeto gets emotional hearing Soumya’s good thoughts for her. Saaya says I m happy that Soumya learnt fighting in her life in every role, be it a wife, bahu, daughter or a kinner. Preeto says I m very much ashamed, I agree I did mistakes, I have thought just as a mum in law, I regret that I did what others do, life gives less chance to live an ideal life, I got that chance, but didn’t understand. Preeto says I feel bad that I couldn’t do my duties. Soumya tells her that elders will always be elders. Soumya’s struggles come to an end. Prreto apologizes to Soumya and hugs her. Soumya is happy to see Preeto’s humane side.

Harman is annoyed with Soumya. He doesn’t trust Preeto till now. He asks Kareena about Soumya. He learns Soumya is taking care of Preeto. He asks Kareena not to call Soumya, she will not leave her dear Sasumaa. He says its good Soumya is with her, she will see her true face and then come back to me in some time.


Soumya shares a serious matter with Harman. Soumya tells him that Preeto has to go and get nek, as per Saaya’s decision. He asks her did she get mad to think this, Preeto can’t ask for nek, she is different, she will lose her respect if she goes on roads. He reminds Soumya that she dons a ghunghat on her face and asks for nek from people, by hiding her identity. He tells Soumya that if Preeto goes with the kinners, Singh family will get much affected. He doesn’t want that to happen. He decides to return home with Preeto and Soumya. He thinks to teach a lesson to Harak and Mohini. Harman, Soumya and Preeto have a bidaai from Kinner house. Saaya’s plan works for Preeto. Saaya just wishes Preeto and Soumya could make a place in their house. The kinners get sad when Soumya leaves. They start missing Soumya, but are happy that Soumya has finally gone to her house.


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