Neelima to instigate Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Naren promises Pooja that he will take her to the fair. Pooja gets angry on him for lying again. Pooja hits a perfume bottle at him, which leaves him injured. Naren bears the pain. Harish and Supriya get a shock seeing Naren’s wound. Pooja gets scared and hides from them. She doesn’t want to get scolded. Neelima and Rahul create a scene out of this and blame Pooja. They tell Naren to send Pooja to the mental asylum, she is dangerous for them. They don’t want to forgive Pooja. Pooja is creating much problems for the family. Pooja got annoyed with Naren, by listening to Neelima. Pooja asks Naren if the inspector is his friend. He tells her that police is everyone’s friend. Pooja calls him a cheater. He thought she will get happy having her favorite icecream, but she ruins all his hardwork. She gets anger out on Naren and others.
Pooja is getting manipulated. She thinks Naren will be sending her to the mental hospital. Neelima fills her ears against Naren.

Naren asks the family not to scold Pooja. Naren’s love Pooja a lot. His love overpowers all her mischief. He protects Pooja from everyone’s anger. Pooja feels bad seeing the wound bleeding. She apologizes to Naren. Naren wants to know why did Pooja take this step. Supriya takes Naren for the aid. He doubts that someone is playing with Pooja’s mind. Will Naren find out about Neelima? Keep reading.


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