Shivay’s silence creates an uproar in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to struggle further; A bad phase for Oberois

Rudra buys a new bike. He gets crazy for it. He reveals the surprise to everyone. The family gets happy for his new love. Rudra gets happy when Anika and Gauri welcome his bike. Rudra pays for the bike by his card, which doesn’t work. Rudra gets embarrassed. Tej gives his card to clear the payment. Even Tej’s card doesn’t work, which shocks the family. Shwetlana tells them that their accounts are now controlled by her. Rudra thinks of returning the bike, but Shivay comes ahead to secure his happiness. Shivay pays for the bike. Shivay asks Rudra to always stay happy. Tej feels angry as Shivay has snatched everything from his sons and just giving petty gifts to make them happy. Tia too tries to instigate Tej against Shivay. Tej gets much upset seeing the changes around.

Anika tries to seek an answer from Shivay. He doesn’t like to answer her. She is worried for the family breaking by his decision. He asks her to stay away from all the matters. She tells him that its her family too, and she has all rights to share his sorrows along with his happiness. She asks him to share the problems with her. Shivay refuses to reveal anything.

Shwetlana donates some amount to the NGO and finds a way to insult Gauri. Gauri gets humiliated by Shwetlana, who asks her to start earning a living for themselves as her in-laws are totally useless. She calls Gauri illiterate, and left with few options. Anika takes Gauri’s side. She limits Shwetlana from hurting Gauri’s sentiments. Shwetlana tells Anika that its happening because of Shivay, so she should better vent her anger out on Shivay. She asks Anika not to dare slap her again. She goes on troubling Anika and Gauri, which makes Tej speak up for his bahus. Shwetlana asks them to do some work. Anika apologizes to Gauri from Shivay’s side. She assures Gauri that everything will get fine.

Soumya takes the task to find Bhavya. Bhavya thinks of Rudra’s bitter words and leaves from his life. Soumya misses to see her on time and loses the track. Tej feels Shivay has done much wrong with them.

Pinky blames him for getting Shwetlana in the family. She tells him that Shivay has bought a bike for Rudra, for which no one is thankful. She tells Tej that Anika has fought for Gauri. She tells everyone that Tej is the one who did a big mistake by having a relation with Shwetlana. Tej asks her to get out. She reminds him that its Shivay’s house now. Tej feels out of place because of Shivay’s decisions. The elders end up fighting which breaks Dadi’s heart. Dadi sees her happy family breaking down. Shivay and Anika try to set everything fine.


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