Devi returns in Adhiraj’s life in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre


Devi gets a big responsibility from Adhiraj. She handles a big amount and keeps Adhiraj’s trust. Maasa doesn’t want Adhiraj’s trust to build up. Devi sees an old couple needing help. Devi runs to help the couple and loses the cash from her car. Devi takes care of the old man. She doesn’t know Maasa has planned everything. Devi then realizes she has lost all the money. Maasi blames Devi for the theft. Devi asks Adhiraj to believe her. Adhiraj gets worried for his business. Maasa tries to brainwash Adhiraj. Adhiraj gets much disappointed with Devi.

Maasa thinks she has settled the scores with Devi. Devi wishes to find return Adhiraj’s hard earned money. Bua meets Devi at the temple. She asks Devi to go to the city and complete her medical studies. Kaki tells her about the lottery they have won. Devi falls in big dilemma. She boards the bus on Bua’s insistence. Devi feels she can’t leave from Adhiraj’s life this way, she is answerable to him because of their relation. Adhiraj learns about Dev leaving from the village. He reaches there to stop the bus and confront Devi for running away with the cash. Adhiraj’s misunderstanding gets cleared, when he finds some other girl in Devi’s place. Devi returns home, to support Adhiraj in tough times and be a dutiful wife. Devi gets keen to expose the culprit. Will Maasa let Devi prove her innocence? Keep reading.


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