Goenkas get against Suwarna post the big revelation in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

Kartik and Naira take Aryan’s case back. They take Suwarna with them to give her a surprise. Suwarna tries asking them about their plan. Naira asks her to have patience. Manish wonders why did Naira take the case back, without thinking about Kartik. Naira brings Suwarna face to face with her son Aryan. Suwarna doesn’t understand what Naira means to tell her. Naira tells her that Aryan is actually Shubham.

Suwarna gets a huge shock knowing Aryan is her son. Suwarna breaks into tears. She gets tensed thinking that Kartik has learnt the truth and got hurt. Naira asks Suwarna to go and meet her son, by ending all her fears. Suwarna stops herself because of Kartik. Kartik and Naira persuade her to meet her son. Aryan feels hatred for her. He has much anger inside his heart. Suwarna’s brother gets thankful to Kartik and Naira for uniting a mother and son. They get a big shock when Suwarna gets pushed away by Aryan. Aryan doesn’t want to accept Suwarna as his mum, as she has refused to accept him as her son. Naira and Kartik ask her to be strong, as Aryan’s anger will cool down soon. They get Suwarna home.

Manish learns about Aryan. He stops Suwarna from entering the house. He confronts her about hiding about his son till now. The family showers hatred towards Suwarna. They all hate her for the big cheat. Suwarna learns Aryan has already broke the truth to Manish. Naira tries to get a chance for Suwarna. She asks Manish to listen to Suwarna once. Manish doesn’t know what she means to say. He is angered as Suwarna has lied to him about their child and turned their happiness into sorrow. He tells Naira that Shubham told him everything, nothing can justify Suwarna’s doings. He is sad that he didn’t identify his son, who worked as servant in his son, who got humiliated by them. He wants Suwarna to bear the punishment. Aryan and Manish feel Suwarna has punished them for no reason. Kartik takes a stand for Suwarna, which surprises everyone. Kartik tells them that Suwarna has already gone through a lot. Suwarna gets Kartik on her side. Kartik accepts her as his mother. It becomes an emotional moment for them. Kartik gets Suwarna inside the house. Manish stays adamant to support his new found son Shubham/Aryan. Kartik and Aryan get into an argument over Suwarna’s sacrifice.


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