Naamkarann: Neil’s unique way to make Avni admit truth


Avni checks the bathroom to know what caused Bebe to fall in danger. She gets clue and learns about Juhi. She feels sorry for Bebe, who slipped in coma by their negligence. Avni talks to Bebe and gets emotional. Juhi starts threatening Avni and asks her to leave from Neil’s life. Avni tells Juhi that Neil doesn’t love her. Juhi is sure that Neil will accept her. She asks Avni to convince Neil for marriage. Avni asks Juhi will she get a happy family for Mishti by forcing Neil. Juhi tells her that she doesn’t want Mishti’s life to be like that of Avni. Juhi and Avni get into an argument. Avni controls herself and makes a plan against Juhi. Avni tells Neela, Shweta and Ali that Juhi has planned the accident to kill Bebe. They can’t believe Juhi can commit a crime. Avni tells them that Juhi has turned much selfish. Avni wants to prove that Neil is not Mishti’s father. She decides to get the DNA test done again, so that she can throw Juhi out of the house.

Avni plans to celebrate Neil’s birthday. They meet at Ali’s cafe. Avni thinks to surprise him. Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Vidyut and Juhi make plans to break Neil and Avni’s marriage. He gets anger out on her. He plans to kill Avni and end the problems for always.

Neil understands Avni is hiding something from him. He finds a way to get the secrets out from her. Neil performs a lie detector test on Avni. He asks her to give him true answers, as he will catch all her lies via the machine. Avni gets angry on him. Neil tries to ask her about Juhi. Neil tells her that he is upset that she is lying to him and then she claims to love her. He feels sorry to anger her and make her admit the truth. He calls her a weak person since she is failing to love and trust someone. Avni asks him to stop it as she is saving him from Juhi. Neil then learns Juhi’s truth from her. Neil finds a way to expose Juhi. He asks Avni to keep Vidyut occupied till he makes Juhi admit her truth.


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