Rahul plans to kidnap Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Pooja doesn’t get convinced by Naren. She refuses to have food. Naren makes a plan to take her to the fair. Pooja asks him will he keep his promise this time or cheat her again. Naren promises to take her to the fair. Supriya opposes his decision, being worried for Naren’s safety. She doesn’t want Pooja to injure Naren again. Naren then finds a solution. Naren fulfills Pooja’s wish and arranges a fun fair for her. Pooja gets delighted.

She asks Naren why is the fair so lonely, will she play alone. Naren is doing everything for her happiness. He doesn’t want Pooja to go to Harish’s house. Harish, Mayank, Neelima and Surbhi look cute in costumes. Naren’s love understands Pooja’s heart well. Pooja has a great time. She runs around and shouts happily. Naren makes sure that everything is perfect. He makes a little playground for her. The family members play different characters to entertain her.

They all have fun moments and re-live their childhood while putting efforts for Pooja. Pooja makes everyone dance. Naren is happy seeing a smile on Pooja’s face. Rahul is going to play a new wicked move. He plans to kidnap Pooja. Pooja goes to the chat stall and asks Harsha to give her golgappas. Naren makes Pooja eat golgappas and candy floss. He asks her to visit the game stalls and have fun. Naren and Pooja play games together. Harish blesses Pooja to be always happy. Rahul takes advantage of the costumes theme to get his goon inside the house. Will Rahul succeed to kidnap Pooja? Keep reading.


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