Rehaan gets revengeful against Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Vyom comforts Rehaan’s stay in her house. She feels sorry that she had asked her to meet Gupta and share the truth with Anant. Rehaan doesn’t regret that he told the truth to Anant. Laila learns Rehaan has left Anant’s house. She gets happy thinking Ahana’s magic is working on Anant. Vyoma tries to cheer up Rehaan. She plans a surprise for Rehaan. Rehaan gets a smile on his face.

He then gets Laila’s call who taunts him and offers a place in her house. Rehaan doesn’t accept her charity. Richa meets Rehaan to know about the sudden developments in his life. She asks him if Anant and he had any fight because of Ahana. Rehaan tells the matter to her. She asks him to understand his feelings. He tells her that he started hating Ahana now, he doesn’t love her. He tells her that he will protect Anant by doing anything. He decides to throw out Ahana from Anant’s life.

Anant asks Ahana to invite Tarun home. She asks him not to feel any pressure. He tells her that he really wants to offer job to talented Tarun. Ahana happily gives the pleasant news to Saloni. Saloni gets grateful to Ahana. Roshni and Aarav think Ahana can convince Anant to get Rehaan back home. They go up to Ahana and hear her conversation with Saloni. They get into a misunderstanding.

Ahana feels Rehaan is paying for his deeds as he has broken Saloni’s heart before. Ahana tells Saloni that she is glad with whatever happened with Rehaan. Roshni gets angered hearing Ahana’s intentions. Ahana worries for Roshni and Aarav, who are very close to Rehaan. She tells Saloni that this should have not happened atleast for Roshni and Aarav’s sake. Roshni wishes Anant heard Ahana’s real intentions. She thinks to inform Rehaan about Ahana’s backstabbing and revenge.

Roshni calls up Rehaan to fix a meet. She tells him about Anant inviting Saloni and Tarun home. Rehaan calls Roshni for their meet. He gets sad thinking he has lost a place in Anant’s life. Anant gives the job to Tarun. Tarun assures he will work hard. Rehaan asks Roshni not to spoil her relations with anyone at home. He tells her that he has hurt Anant, that is why Anant didn’t stop him. Roshni reveals to him about Ahana’s planning to throw him out of the house. Rehaan feels Ahana is responsible for everything.


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