Mr. Kapoor returns to bring Sitaharan twist in Piyaa Albela


Rahul sends the goons to kidnap Pooja. The goons in disguise of police try to take her away. Naren asks the people about Pooja. He checks each and every stall. Harish and Supriya also look for Pooja. Naren fears he has lost Pooja. He feels he failed to protect her. Pooja beats them up. The fight goes on. They laugh seeing childish Pooja thinking she will win over them. They forcibly put her in the jeep.

Naren worries when Pooja goes missing. He doesn’t know Rahul is the kidnapper. Rahul tells Surbhi that Sita has got kidnapped by a Raavan. He reveals about the old villain’s entry. Mr. Kapoor comes to rescue Pooja and does a drama to win her trust. He asks the goons to leave the girl. The goons apologize to him and run away. Mr. Kapoor gets to see Pooja and tells her that he is Harish’s friend. Pooja doesn’t recognize him. She thinks he has rescued her so he will be a good man. He tells her that Harish has sent him to get her home. She happily agrees to go with him. She doesn’t know Mr. Kapoor is going to take her away from Naren. Mr. Kapoor kidnaps her. He thinks of taking Pooja too far to get out of Naren’s reach. Rahul and Mr. Kapoor’s plan succeeds. Will Naren succeed to find Pooja? Keep reading.


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