Shagun tries to bring IshRa together in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman finds Ishita with him. He gets scared thinking she is after him. He asks her to stay away and not do anything, else he will shout for help. He runs out of the room. Pihu gets scared to go to Bhalla family. She prefers to stay with Iyers, so that Simmi can get avoided. Raman feels fine and returns to the party. He asks Pihu to spend time with her. He wants Pihu to be away from Ishita. He thinks Ishita is not right for them. Ishita finds Pihu needing help. She reminisces the same moment when Ruhi needed her help in childhood. Raman stays with Pihu. Ishita tries to help Pihu.

She gets glad seeing Ruhi taking care of Pihu like a mother. Ishita tries getting her children close to Raman. Ruhi turns emotional and misses the family. She doesn’t know why their happy family shattered. Someone tries to scare Ruhi, who comes there with a motive to kidnap Pihu. Adi gets concerned for her. Ishita asks Adi and Ruhi to bond well like before. Everyone miss their old days. Iyers and Bhallas compete on the dance floor. Ishita tries to get Mihika and Romi together. Mihika doesn’t want to support Romi.


Ishita feels Romi has changed and supports her. She asks Mihika to atleast think for the family. Mihika agrees to keep their differences aside and dance. Mani and Shagun try to bring Ishita and Raman closer by the dance performance. Shagun suggests Ishita to ask Raman for the dance. Ishita doesn’t want to go. Shagun challenges Ishita to convince her. Ishita asks Raman for a dance. Raman doesn’t agree. Ishita uses Shagun’s idea and challenges Raman. She provokes him for a dance. Raman agrees to prove that he can dance better than her. Ishita and Raman too get in between the competition and have fun. Shagun gets happy seeing them dancing, while Simmi and Parmeet feel they are losing Raman out of control. Ishita thinks Raman will recall their past.


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