Shocking twist to mark Neil-Avni separation in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Vidyut and Juhi realize Neil and Avni learnt their entire plan. Vidyut doesn’t want to lose out to Neil. He takes their fight too personal over his pride. Vidyut wants to keep his promise to his mum. Neil and Avni start fooling Juhi. Neil promises Juhi that he will marry her. Avni plans to expose Juhi’s truth in front of everyone and throw her out of the house. Vidyut gets helpless to spare Juhi’s life, just because she is executing his plans, though he hates her a lot. Vidyut learns Neil is going to refuse for the marriage and kick out Juhi.

Vidyut will be taking advantage of the situation and killing Juhi, to put the entire blame on Avni. He thinks of separating Neil and Avni by any possible way. Juhi too gets mad in revenge and thinks of committing a crime to trap Avni. Vidyut and Juhi try to outdo each other. Either of Vidyut or Juhi will be knocked off, while Avni will get trapped in the murder crime blame. Neil reaches the crime scene and arrests Avni.

Neil tells her that he expected her to change by his love, but his love has failed, she is still a criminal like before. He never wanted Avni to become revengeful Ananya Verma again, but she was preferring to be Ananya to fail her enemies. He asks her why did she take law in her hands, when he stopped her at the time of Dayavanti’s end. He feels he was wrong to think he could change Avni. He tells her that person’s thinking and nature can never change. He feels sorry for himself and her. He remarks Avni to not value his love and just think of revenge. Avni gets the criminal tag on her. He ends all the ties with Avni and breaks their marriage. Will Vidyut-Juhi succeed in separating them? It has to be seen if Neil-Avni are mocking a crime drama like before.



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