Shwetlana succeeds to plot Shivay’s Vanvaas in Ishqbaaz

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Tej collapses while fuming in anger over losing his sons’ rights. The family gets worried for Tej getting a heart attack. Jhanvi gets angered and keeps Shivay away from Tej. She reminds him his vow to set everything fine. She tells him that he has done this with Tej. She asks him to leave from the house if he wants everything to get fine for them. She orders him to get away from them. Pinky asks Jhanvi how can she ask Shivay to leave. Jhanvi doesn’t want to see Shivay’s face. Dadi doesn’t want Shivay to leave. Jhanvi asks Shivay to fulfill his promise and just go away. Jhanvi bears everyone’s anger.

Shivay gets ready to do as Jhanvi wants. He tells her that he can even give his life for his family. He gets ready to leave his family. Pinky, Shakti, Dadi and Anika get worried with his decision. Everyone prays for Tej’s recovery.


Tej gets treated. Jhanvi stops Shivay from meeting Tej. She asks him to go so far that they never see him again. He begs her to let him see Tej once. Shivay gets helpless to stay away from Tej. He packs his bags with a sinking heart. Pinky asks Shivay how can he leave his parents for others. She tells him to think about himself. Shivay still stays selfless and tells her that he is leaving. Rudra reminds Shivay his vow given to his brothers. He asks Shivay not to leave else his brothers’ identity will also end. He asks him to not feel bad of Jhanvi’s words. Pinky gets angry on Rudra. She asks Shivay why does he not think of her. She tells him that she will not let him go. Jhanvi provokes Shivay to keep his vow and leave.

Dadi tells Jhanvi that Shivay is the foundation of the house, the family can’t stay without him. Jhanvi gets angry that Shivay insulted her sons, its because of him that Tej got a heart attack. She commands him to just get away as he is no more good for the family. The family feels Shivay is helpless by some reason.

Jhanvi demands Shivay to reveal the reason. Tia instigates Tej more. She angers him so that his condition gets worse. Shwetlana is happy seeing Shivay’s Vanvaas. Tia tells Tej that the family will never let Shivay leave. She asks him to make everything fine. Dadi doesn’t want the family to shatter. Tej goes to throw out Shivay from the house. He asks Shivay to leave, as their relation ended. Tej falls down the stairs and gets more critical. Rudra begs Shivay not to leave. Shivay asks Rudra to understand his decision and also explain Om. Rudra reminds Shivay all his vows. Shivay asks Rudra to support him like a mature person. He asks Rudra to manage the family well. Shivay stays firm on his decision and leaves from the family.


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