Ahaan resolves to fulfill JD’s big challenge in Tu Aashiqui


Ahaan has taken a big decision. Ahaan doesn’t want to get caught up in JD’s plans. He meets Pankti at her house. He assures Pankti that he will free her any how. He promises Anita that he will free Pankti from JD. He asks Anita to have some patience and not turn more greedy for money. He reminds her mother’s duty towards a child. He calls JD and asks him not to do any goody drama. He asks JD to meet him at the highway to have a man to man talk. He says its time to free Pankti, its enough of hide and seek. JD reaches Pankti’s house and gets a new twist. JD tries to scare Pankti. Ahaan comes in between and makes JD away. He tells JD that he knew JD will try such things to keep his fear around.

Ahaan asks him to have some shame and free Pankti. JD asks Ahaan to get ten crores and then free Pankti from him. Ahaan swears to free Pankti from him. JD asks him to remember the important condition and pay money within ten days, else he will also become his slave like Pankti. He says its a happy day as old things are getting sold at a new price. Ahaan knows JD is a creep. He didn’t know JD will pose such conditions knowing he has no work in hand. JD tries to make things tougher for Ahaan.

Ahaan tells him that he will pay him money very soon. He says I will sing at pubs and do anything to fulfill the condition. Pankti asks Ahaan what’s happening. JD apologizes to her. He tells the price Ahaan fixed for her. He says your price is ten crores. JD tells Pankti that Ahaan is buying her from him. He asks her if she will be happy with her new buyer. Ahaan says I m not buying her, but her freedom. Pankti shows her trust in Ahaan. She tells Ahaan that JD is very mean. JD says I m glad that Pankti knows me well.


Pankti says JD will create hurdles for Ahaan and will not let him succeed. Ahaan says let him do anything, I will face all the problems and free you. JD is very clever. He thinks the game is going to be real fun. Ahaan is sure of his capabilities. Pankti asks Ahaan to understand, JD will make him a slave by doing this. Ahaan asks her not to worry, he will manage ten crores in ten days.

Ahaan is ready to do any work and struggle to earn money for Pankti’s freedom. Ahaan loves her a lot. He can’t fail to JD. JD thinks Ahaan can never fulfill his condition. Ahaan is not heartbroken anymore. He is determined to move on and focus on his goals. Meanwhile, Anita has sold Purva to Monty, who is a business tycoon. He doesn’t believe in love. He has failed to achieve true love before. He thinks to try the power of money if he could buy love. He turns into Purva’s good supportive friend. Monty is a strong character, who will stand against JD and support Ahaan.


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