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    Meri Durga: Durga tells Sanjay that she knows his feelings, he really loves her. Sanjay denies that he loves her. She tells him that she knows he is hiding his love for revenge. She expresses her feelings for Sanjay. She tells him that she never cheated him. Sanjay puts her to rest. She gets peace in his company. She tells him that he means to her. She apologizes to him for everything that went wrong between them.

    Sanjay feels bad to hurt her. They have a moment. She tells him that he will know her truth soon and then he will regret. Durga falls asleep. He thinks to believe her. Sanjay thinks of Gayatri’s suicide attempt. He falls in dilemma. He feels Durga has done wrong with his parents. He decides to just hate her, holding her responsible for everything that went against his family. Yashpal turns furious knowing Sanjay has fed the wine to Durga and turned the party into a disaster. Yashpal reprimands Sanjay for pushing Durga towards destruction. He tells Sanjay that Durga is keeping all the marriage vows, she cares for him and she is the one protecting Sanjay till now. He gets insulting Sanjay and his parents again. He feels proud of Durga.

    Gayatri gets revengeful. She tries to break down Durga by limiting her food and rest time. She gives many tough exercises to Durga. Durga understands what Gayatri means to do. She asks Gayatri to train her as a good coach, else she will break her truth to everyone. Gayatri asks her to follow her training and not make excuses. She asks her to get passion like Jassi. She thinks Durga’s courage will break soon. She is sure that none can become a champion like Jassi. Durga tries her best to run and qualify. She faints down in middle of her practice.


    Neil and Avni make a plan to expose Juhi. Avni makes a backup plan to save Mishti. Ali asks her not to break laws. Avni tells him that she can’t risk Mishti’s life, when she knows Juhi and Vidyut can do anything. She asks him to book her tickets, as she is ready to run away with Mishti and break laws, if Neil’s plan fails. She tells Ali that she has not told anything to Neil knowing he will not understand her. Ali promises to support her. Shweta, Neela and Prakash do a drama in front of Juhi. Shweta indirectly threatens Juhi. Juhi gets worried. Neela begs them to stop the marriage and not give Avni’s place to Juhi.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi reveals to Raman and Ishita that Pihu is kidnapped. They get shocked seeing the kidnapping footage. Simmi accuses Ishita for the kidnapping. Ishita asks them to find Pihu than blaming her. Raman assures everyone that he will find Pihu. The mysterious kidnapper ties up Pihu. He sends Pihu’s kidnapping footage to hurt the family. Raman doesn’t know who can do this. Ishita and Raman contact police to get help. Simmi tells inspector that Ishita has kidnapped Pihu. Ishita controls her anger in front of Raman. She slaps Simmi and scolds her for using this moment and accusing her. She tells Simmi that she can’t make Raman against her. She asks Simmi to put her enmity aside. She warns Simmi against playing dirty games.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Anant surprises Ahana with their honeymoon trip plans. They spend some good moments. They reveal to the family about their trip. Roshni realizes Anant will be away on her birthday. She gets upset with him. Anant tells her that he has forgotten her birthday and booked the tickets. Roshni asks him not to cancel the tickets and fly, as they can celebrate her birthday next year. She feels Anant doesn’t love her now. She blames Ahana for changing Anant. Yamini tries to explain Roshni that Ahana is not at fault. Ahana doesn’t want to go and change Anant’s decision. She tells Anant that Roshni needs her parents. Anant feels Roshni should face the world and learn adapting things. He tells Ahana that they will return on Roshni’s birthday and give her a surprise.

    Gupta doesn’t want to forgive Tarun till he gets his money back from Laila. Rekha gets upset with his stubbornness. Laila meets Ahana and learns about her honeymoon plans. She taunts Ahana for marrying an oldie. She gifts her books to keep herself occupied during boring moments. Laila warns Ahana that her honeymoon won’t be a happy one for her. Ahana gets angry with Laila’s taunts. Anant and Ahana leave for their honeymoon. Ahana wants to keep Anant happy. Tarun gets excited to join Anant’s company. He tells Laila that he will earn respect by his hardwork. Laila asks him to ask for his share from his dad. Tarun’s mood spoils by Laila’s taunts. Saloni asks Laila to mend her ways.

    Meanwhile, Rehaan meets Shelly to know about Ahana’s intentions behind marrying Anant. Shelly tells him that Ahana is more clever than Laila. She reveals to him that Laila wanted to marry Anant, but Ahana married Anant to fail Laila. Rehaan realizes Ahana’s true intentions. Shelly tells Rehaan that Ahana is cheating Anant. He thinks Ahana will ruin Anant’s life. He worries for Anant’s future.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami misses Lakshya and cries in his worry. Dadi and Satrupa take care of her. Adhiraj too reaches her to give a consoling shoulder. Purushottam scares Lakshya. He tells her that he will kill Anami and him the next day. Satrupa has faith in Adhiraj. She asks him to get Lakshya back at any cost. Anami doesn’t know who has kidnapped Lakshya and why. She feels sorry to lie to Madhu about Lakshya. Adhiraj tells her that Lakshya is safe, else they would have got informed about him. He promises her that he will get Lakshya back. Satrupa sends her men to find Lakshya. She asks them to do anything necessary to get Lakshya. She feels police will not work ahead of them. She asks them to just get Lakshya back to Lal Mahal, using any fair and unfair means. She asks them to find the intruder as well. Anami gets a parcel from the kidnapper.


    Naira and Kartik promise Suwarna that they will support her and make the family forgive her. Dadi doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna. She feels Suwarna has created more troubles for Manish and her. She tells Surekha that Suwarna has ruined their family name by this step. She feels sorry for Aryan, who had to live a poor life. Kartik feels guilty. Naira tells him that they have to be strong to take care of Suwarna. He thanks her for support. Singhanias don’t know about Aryan. Kirti tries to contact the family and know about Aryan’s case. Manish takes care of Aryan. Aryan too likes to stay with Manish. His emotions break out when Manish loves him. Manish asks Aryan not to worry for him. Manish understands the phase Aryan is experiencing.

    Rudra tries much to convince Shivay. Shivay asks Rudra to look after the family in his absence. He has decides to leave the family. He feels guilty for what happened with Tej. He can’t meet Jhanvi’s eyes. He asks Rudra to look after his parents. Rudra doesn’t want to agree. Pinky asks Shivay to leave from the house. She asks Anika to explain Shivay. Shakti, Pinky and Anika ask Shivay to change his decision. Shivay sticks to his words. He asks them to have courage and take care of rest of the family. He advises Anika to stay back and take care of everyone. Anika decides to leave the house with him. She tells him that she can’t stay away from him. Shivay tells her that he is not certain where he will live. Anika turns stubborn to go along with him. She tells him that she will stay in any state he keeps her, but she will die if he goes alone.


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