Shakti: Mohini ploys a pregnancy drama

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Harman does a drunken drama to get Soumya’s attention. He tells everyone that Soumya doesn’t love him and always troubles. Soumya runs to his rescue. She finds him drunk and asks him to calm down. He tells her that he loves her and she doesn’t give him time. She apologizes to him. He feels she doesn’t care for him now, as her focus is on Preeto. He feels lonely. She takes him to the room and puts him to sleep. Soumya decides to give him more time. She finds the teddy bear which takes her place in her absence. She sends off the teddy away. She tells Harman that she will be with him from now, he won’t need a teddy to talk and complain about her. Preeto gets shattered knowing Mohini is pregnant with Harak’s child.

Soumya consoles Preeto. Mohini spreads the false rumors to secure her place in the house. She lies that she will give an heir to the house. Harak doesn’t let Mohini leave from the house. Soumya swears to get Preeto’s rights. She says I will get Preeto’s lost respect back. Mohini asks Soumya will she fight with her, being a kinner. The family doesn’t want to get defamed. Preeto feels happy when Soumya supports her.

Mohini commands everyone in the house. She asks Shanno to do a hair champi and sing for her. She asks Raavi and Balwinder to get money, then they will get food. She says useless people will not get anything here. Raavi asks Balwinder to get money from his boss and throw on Mohini’s face. She feels insulted by Mohini. She tells him that she will not have food till he gets money. Harak tells Raavi that he will support Mohini, they can’t do anything. He thanks Mohini. He says I couldn’t tell this thing to Raavi till now, its good Mohini is giving sense to Raavi. Raavi and Mohini have a cat fight. Raavi doesn’t give up so soon. Later on. Mohini meets someone and tells her planning to stay in Harak’s house. The man asks Mohini to wind up her work and come back to him. Soumya will reveal Mohini’s lover and expose her truth. Soumya will attempt to get justice for Preeto.



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