Chakor to lead a new freedom fight in Udaan


Pakhi tells Chakor about Ranvijay and Imli’s crimes. She asks Chakor to stop Imli from trading young girls. Chakor gets upset knowing about the illegal things done by Imli. Suraj opposes Chakor when she comes in Imli’s way. Pakhi succeeds to dominate Suraj and keep him away from Chakor. She doesn’t let him attack Chakor. Pakhi also scares Imli’s goons. The villagers praise Chakor, when she decides to take a stand for them. Chakor revives their hopes again. The villagers seek help from her. They have faith in her. Chakor gets convinced by them. Chakor is much upset over Suraj’s memory loss. She wants to encourage the villagers to fight for themselves. She says everyone has to feel strong and fight for themselves, our fight is with Imli and Ranvijay. She asks them not to get scared of goons or weapons, enemy becomes strong when they turn weak.

She asks Pakhi to help her boost everyone’s confidence. Chakor doesn’t want to fight with anyone alone. She asks the villagers to fight their battle on their own, so that they don’t depend on others, eventually they have to learn fighting for their rights. She tells him that she will just mentor them. She asks them to help themselves so that Lord can show them a right path. The villagers tell her that they are scared of the haveli people, they can’t face Imli and Ranvijay. They ask Chakor to give them shelter. Chakor refuses to them, trying to make them self reliant.

Chakor meets Imli to challenge her that she will ruin her evil kingdom with her truth and goodness. Imli and Chakor have an argument. Imli doesn’t think Chakor can do anything against her. Imli has become her enemy. Chakor scolds her for ruining Suraj’s life. Imli tells her that Suraj will never remember her, she has lost him forever. Chakor tries to remind the past to Suraj. Suraj threatens her to stay away, else he will kill her. Chakor wants Suraj to realize she is his wife. Suraj has lost his memories. Chakor has to deal with Imli and Ranvijay first. Suraj becomes their shield and stops Chakor from reaching them. Suraj locks Chakor in the haveli. Chakor gets helpless when her love becomes a barrier.

Imli doesn’t want to sell off Kumud for any lesser price. She asks Ranvijay not to strike the deal. Kumud tries to take help Suraj. She tries to remind him about Chakor. Suraj doesn’t remember Chakor and hurts Kumud in anger. Chakor doubts Imli has kidnapped Ashok. She follows Imli. Suraj interrupts Chakor on the way.


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