Dadi and Naira to have a conflict in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira take care of Suwarna. She gets a hope on seeing Aryan, who just showers his hatred on her. Suwarna gets more hurt by hearing his annoyance. Naksh and Kirti witness her pain. Naira requests Kirti to explain Manish. Manish worries for the new project, which Kartik is leading. He wants Kartik to focus on work, than running after Suwarna’s problems. He gets worried that Suwarna can get more loss for them. Naksh and Kirti try to explain him about Suwarna’s sacrifice. Manish doesn’t like hearing anything from them. He asks them not to give him any advice, as he knows what to do. Naira and Kartik see Manish’s anger. Naira gets an idea to test Manish’s love. She uses reverse psychology and asks Manish to send Suwarna away. She gives her consent to his decision.

She asks Kirti to take Suwarna with her. Naira knows Manish loves Suwarna and he will never let her go away. Kirti asks Naksh will he allow Suwarna to be with them. Naksh tells Kirti to decide everything, as its her house too.

Dadi understands Naira’s plan. She tells Naira that her over smartness will fail her. She taunts Naira for making Suwarna away by her foolish plan. Naira fights for Suwarna’s rights. Dadi asks her to remember her limits and not interfere in Manish and Suwarna’s matter. Naira asks Dadi to support Suwarna, who really needs her in such tough times. She asks Dadi to bring Manish and Suwarna together. She reminds Dadi her duties. Dadi stays in her annoyance. Naira tells her that she will regret a lot one day. She takes her plan ahead. Manish gets in dilemma on seeing Suwarna leaving.

Aryan feels happy that she is finally getting away from his sight. Manish doesn’t let Suwarna go. His love overpowers his anger. Manish tells Naira that Suwarna is his wife, he will manage his relationship on his own, without anyone’s interference. Naira’s plan works. Kartik and Kirti than Naira for solving this big problem. Suwarna gets a place back in Manish’s room. Singhanias support Suwarna. They understand her sacrifice. Kirti gets happy seeing their understanding behavior. Baisa fears Naira and Kartik can lose their place at home because of Aryan. Manish tries to show his annoyance to Suwarna. Naira makes plans to bring him closer to Suwarna. Kartik praises Naira’s smartness. Naira makes an attempt to do something good. They romance and celebrate their small victory.


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