A fatal attack on Ishita next in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


The kidnapper uses Pihu to catch Ishita. The families worry knowing Ishita has gone out alone. Shagun tells Iyers that Ishita didn’t reach them. Ishita looks out for Pihu. She finally gets to see Pihu, but falls in a big trap. The watchman tells the family that Ishita has gone to some industry godown. Shagun feels they should check for Ishita there. Mani hurries to find Ishita. Raman’s search for Pihu goes on. Kidnapper cheats Raman at every phase. Raman gets fed up by the dirty game. He worries for Pihu.

Ishita gets attacked by the kidnapper. Iyers feel worried for Ishita’s life. The kidnapper decides to kill Ishita. Ashok looks for Ishita. He meets Simmi and asks her about Ishita. He knows Simmi is hiding something. He accuses her for hurting Ishita. Parmeet defends his wife. Ashok blames them for Pihu’s kidnapping. He scolds Simmi for stooping so low.

Ashok angrily gets into a fight with Parmeet. Simmi and Parmeet act innocent in front of the family. Mani takes police to the industrial area to find Ishita. The police tracks Ishita’s phone to reach her. The kidnapper cleverly delivers a refrigerator at Bhallas. The family doesn’t realize the criminal visiting their house. The family checks the refrigerator and get a shock on finding Pihu inside. Raman realizes the kidnapper has kept Ishita captive and freed Pihu. Raman’s searches for Ishita. The family will be getting a big shock when the Police finds Ishita dead.


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