Harman and Soumya rescue Preeto’s life in Shakti


Preeto’s heart breaks. Harak’s cheat shatters her trust. Her courage begins to dip. She gets much hurt and gives up all her hopes. Preeto can’t accept Mohini and Harak’s relation. She locks herself in the room. She feels nothing is left in her life now. She really decides to end her life. Raavi and Soumya ask her to open the door. Harman breaks the window and sees Preeto’s deed. She attempts suicide. Harman and Soumya get a huge shock seeing her extreme step. Harman saves Preeto. He stops her from giving her life.

Preeto is having an emotional breakdown. He asks Preeto did she go mad. He gets angry on her. He can’t tolerate anything such. He tells her that if she tries something like this again, he will get away from her forever. He hugs Preeto. He tells her that her son is with her, they will together deal with Harak’s cheat. Soumya asks Preeto to stay strong. The family experiences a sorrowful phase. Harman feeds water to Preeto. She sheds tears. He says her madness only annoys him, he can’t think of losing his mum. His heart cries seeing his mum’s weak state.


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