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Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Piyaa Albela:
Supriya and Naren have an argument over Pooja’s state. Supriya angrily slaps Naren. He was expecting his life to get sorted, but things have gone wrong. She tells Naren that Pooja has gone mad, she wants medical treatment. Naren argues with her. He tells her that he will leave from the house, and take along Pooja. Naren is against sending Pooja to the hospital. Naren feels bad when Supriya calls Pooja mentally unstable. He says Pooja has lost a place in her heart and house, so he will be leaving.

Ishq Mein Marjawa and Tu Aashiqui:


Deep is worried for his love. He doesn’t want Tara to kill Aarohi. He is afraid of losing her. Aarohi feels Deep is her strength, and none can harm her when he is with her. Pankti has a big fear in mind. She doesn’t want to attend the party, where JD wants to humiliate her. Ahaan doesn’t want his love to suffer. Ahaan can’t let Pankti’s love and happiness get ruined. He stands by Pankti. Ahaan and Deep secure Pankti and Aarohi from JD and Tara.

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun gets close to his motives. Jia exposes Priya to get her arrested. She wants Priya to admit her motives. Nisha gets fooled and doesn’t want Arjun to know about her plans. She lies to the police about Arjun’s medical treatment, done by Priya. Nisha manages to prove herself right. Nisha doesn’t know Arjun and Priya’s plan to rob her. Jia and Nisha’s arguments get ahead. Jia tries to bring the truth out. Arjun gets troubled. Arjun takes a bad step by marrying Nisha to prove his love. He doesn’t listen to Jia. Chirag gets angry on Arjun and Jia. He doesn’t want to accept Arjun at any cost.

Ek Deewana Tha:

Shiv reaches to stop Sharanya’s marriage with Vyom. Shiv possesses Vyom. He breaks the mandap and ruins the decorations. He threatens to kill everyone. Everyone gets a big shock seeing Vyom’s madness. The tantrics come there to control Shiv. They tie up Vyom and chant the mantras to get Shiv out of Vyom. Sharanya puts Vyom inside a fire ring and asks Shiv to leave. She succeeds to make Shiv out of Vyom’s body. She takes wedding rounds with Vyom. Sharanya married Vyom, while they stay protected from Shiv inside a fire ring. Vyom fills sindoor in her maang.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Payal and Ved finally get married. Bhabho welcomes them in Rahi house. Ved and Payal’s grahpravesh gets done. Bhabho does all the rituals to welcome the new bahu. Vansh accepts Saras as his wife. He learns Sarah is Saras. He confesses love for Saras. Vansh and Saras unite. Bhabho does their grahpravesh as well. Saras is happy to have Payal with her. She is sure that their bonding will be good. Kanak is worried as Maasi has failed her plans. She tells Suman that Maasi is forcing Uma to marry Paulmi. She didn’t expect Uma to agree for the marriage. Kanak dances in Uma and Paulmi’s sangeet. She is sure Uma will back out from the marriage.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay marries Bulbul, and breaks Mandira’s heart. Vijay is making a new relation with Bulbul. She never expected Vijay to marry her. Fate has brought them together. Vijay only cares for her. Vijay sacrifices his love for Mandira to keep his friendship with Anant. He wants Mandira to move on with Anant. Bulbul falls in love with Vijay. Mandira is sure that Vijay can never love Bulbul.


Chakor reaches the haveli and faces Imli. Chakor tells Imli that she will also break relations with her now. Imli expresses her hatred to Chakor. Chakor provokes her to tell truth, why did she do this with Suraj, she has ruined his life. Imli tells her that she hates her and also the people related to her. She asks Chakor to think of Ranvijay, who can kill her anytime. Ranvijay gets angry seeing Chakor in the haveli. He asks Imli to explain her sister, that she can’t interfere in their work, else he will threaten Suraj. Imli asks Ranvijay not to kill Suraj, as he is their servant, who can do anything on their orders. Chakor tells Imli that if she hates her, she will also give it back to her. She says I’m not your sister anymore, we will deal like contenders from now on.

Ayushaman Bhava: Krish passes taunts on Vikrant. He asks Vikrant how does he feel doing servant’s work in his own house. He tells Vikrant that times have changed, and he is no more his boss. He asks Vikrant to be careful of him. Vikrant controls his anger. He tells Maai that he will hurt Krish badly, he knows how to get Krish under his feet again. Krish feels Vikrant is scared and can’t do anything against him. He enjoys troubling Vikrant.


Suwarna collides with Aryan/Shubham on the stairs. She falls down the stairs. Aryan doesn’t save her. He sees her getting hurt, but doesn’t hold in time. Kartik and Naira receive a shock seeing Aryan’s hatred for Suwarna. Aryan risks her life because of his anger. He ignores Suwarna. Manish sees Suwarna’s injury. He sees Aryan playing a game on his phone. He gets angry on Aryan. He scolds Aryan for not holding Suwarna, anything would have happened to her, she could have got severely injured. He asks Aryan why did he not hold Suwarna, it was his duty to help her. Manish gets concerned for Suwarna. Kartik and Naira understand that Manish loves Suwarna a lot.

The show will take a short leap. Avni will be going jail for the blame of Juhi’s murder. Neil will be arresting Avni and ending ties with her, because of her decision to choose crime over law. There will be a new character Sunehri, a bar dancer, making an entry to sort Avni’s life.


Dadi begs Tej and Pinky not to divide the house till she is alive. The Oberoi mansion gets divided. Tej makes the servant sketch a line, so that he can keep Pinky and Shakti away. He divides the family and relations too. Shivay has always kept the family united. Rudra asks Tej not to do this. Gauri asks Dadi to say something and stop Tej. Tej tells them that this is their side of the house and anyone from their family will not go to Pinky’s side, else they will see him dead.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni becomes part of the naming ceremony. The guests taunt Teni for being a surrogate. Parth is very happy to have Pari in his life. The ladies ask Dadi why are they still keeping the surrogate at home, Teni’s work is over and she should just leave. Indu feels bad. She replies the ladies. She tells them that its not necessary that every relation is blood related, some relations are made by heart. She tells them that Teni has fulfilled Parth and Shorvori’s dreams, we are grateful to Teni. Parth takes the baby from Teni. Teni asks Parth why can’t she have the baby. She taunts Parth saying she will show her rights on the girl, as she equally loves her. Parth doesn’t want to argue with her. Indu asks them to meet pandit ji.


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