Parth to hit a new accusation on Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth’s daughter goes missing. Parth and the entire family worry. Parth doesn’t know who has taken the baby. Their celebrations catch an evil sight. Indu, Dadi and Dada ji were much happy until they got to know the shocking news. Parth shouts to them and tells them that the baby is missing from the cradle. He asks Indu to do something and find baby. Paulmi Kaki tells them that she didn’t take the baby either. They find the room window open and realize someone has run away with the baby. Parth doubts on Teni.

He starts blaming Teni. He says Teni has also left early, which means she has taken the baby. He tells them how Teni was demanding her rights on the baby. He says Teni has threatened me to stop her from claiming her rights on the baby, as she believes its her child as well.

Indu understands Teni. She knows Teni can’t never hurt them doing this. Indu tries to find the thief. She tells them that CCTV connection wires are cut. Parth says it means the thief had planned everything well, someone who knew our house well has done this, it can be just Teni. Dada ji tells Parth that this can’t be true, why will Teni kidnap her daughter. Parth says I will not leave Teni, she has done this. Parth goes to meet Teni and get the baby back. Indu says Parth is angrily doubting on Teni again. Dada ji says anger has made Parth blind. They worry that Parth will hurt Teni’s emotions again. There will be many twists in the next track.


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