Piyaa Albela: Naren to understand Pooja with a changed perception


Naren and Pooja head for home. She tells him that she wants to play with kids in the lake. Pooja doesn’t know what people will think seeing her playing with kids. A man tells rubbish about Pooja. Naren gets angry. He tries to take Pooja away. Naren tells her that this place is not right for her. Naren sees a father-son talking. He gets driven by their conversation. He decides to change his perception. Naren thinks he has to become a kid mentally to understand Pooja’s emotions.

Naren jumps in the lake. Pooja gets surprised. Naren allows her to step in the lake and stays around her to protect her. Naren and Pooja play with the kids. He fulfills her wish. He tries to make her maang sindoor fine. She doesn’t let him wipe off the sindoor. Naren doesn’t understand why she stopped him. Pooja plays a lot. She gets very happy and makes him a friend. She kisses him and tells him that he is her best friend now. Naren gets glad.



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