Anami gets suspicious about Satrupa’s secret in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Sudha attacks Satrupa to know about Narottam. Anami saves Satrupa and calms down Sudha. She asks Sudha to understand that Lakshya is kidnapped, not Narottam. Sudha fails to know anything. She understands Satrupa’s planning and decides to be wise. She thinks of stepping back a little and failing Satrupa’s plans. Lakshya misses Anami. He demands to get Anami’s dupatta so that he can feel her presence. Satrupa takes care of Anami. Lakshya gets scared in darkness, when power failure occurs. He sits crying in fear. Lakshya gets Anami’s dupatta and gets consoled. Satrupa keeps Lakshya happy.

She tells him that its matter of some days. She promises to unite him with Anami. Anami’s state gets worse in sorrow. She doesn’t know what to tell Madhu about Lakshya’s kidnapping. Adhiraj meets Anami. He assures that he will get her brother soon. Adhiraj supports Anami in her sorrow. He tells her that he is always with her. They have a moment. He fixes a tracker to Satrupa’s car. He asks his staff to keep an eye on Satrupa’s movement. He doesn’t learn anything about Satrupa’s planning. Anami finds Lakshya’s drawing with Satrupa. She gets doubtful that Satrupa is hiding something. Satrupa gets worried when Anami confronts her.


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