Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita bounces back in Raman’s life with revived hopes

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Raman saves Ishita from the funeral fire. The family doesn’t believe him, when he tells them that Ishita is alive. Inspector supports Raman. He confirms that Ishita is alive. They get Ishita treated by the doctor. Ishita gets the instant anti-venom in time. Ishita comes back to senses. Everyone gets glad by seeing the miracle done by Raman. He takes Ishita to the hospital. He tells everyone that Ishita will get fine. The family gets a new hope. The doctor reveals to them about the snake venom injected to Ishita, which paralyzed her body completely. Everyone thanks Raman for saving Ishita from death. Shagun feels sorry that Raman doesn’t remember Ishita is his wife.

Simmi vents out her anger on Pihu. She decides to send Pihu to the hostel again. Simmi gets torturing the girl. Pihu misses Ishita. Simmi and Parmeet wanted Ishita to die. They fear Ishita will come back and spread her magic on the family again. He tells Simmi that Ishita shouldn’t meet Pihu ever. Pihu wants to meet Ishita and cries for her.

The family meets Ishita in the hospital. She tells them that she didn’t see the kidnapper, who attacked her from behind. Parmeet meets the kidnapper, who turns out to be Nikhil. He asks Nikhil why did he not kill Ishita. He asks Nikhil why did he change his plan when everything was going fine. Nikhil wants to get revenge from Raman and Ruhi. Parmeet asks him to disappear for some days so that police doesn’t reach him. He tells Nikhil that the family is showering love on Ishita. He suggests Nikhil to forget his revenge for few days. Nikhil gets more provoked for revenge. Ishita feels lucky to get back to life. She wants to meet Pihu. She feels Pihu has suffered a lot. Simmi sends Pihu to hostel, before Ishita comes back. Ishita gets happy to get feel Raman’s love. Shagun asks her to be positive. Ishita is sure that Raman and her relation will get fine soon. She gets grateful to Raman for saving her life.


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