Ratan’s special gift for his best friend in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan makes Diya wear the ring in a unique way. They get engaged to fool the family. Ratan gifts jewelry to Diya, as she is his best friend. He says our engagement was fake, but this jewelry is real, I m sure you will like this jewelry. He knows every girl likes jewelry. She likes the jewelry set a lot. She asks him did he really get the gift for her. He says I want to see how these earrings will look on your ears, instead the regular bluetooth. Ratan adorns Diya with the jewelry. They have cute moments. Ratan makes her emotional.

Surprisingly, Choti Thakurain tells Diya that she likes Diya, she wants her to keep Ratan happy, since Ratan has stayed away from the family for twelve years. She asks Diya to give much love to Ratan, so that all his wounds get healed. Choti Thakurain acts to shed tears. She tries to win Diya’s trust. Ratan feels Choti Thakurain is genuinely doing this for Diya. He tells Diya how his Kakimaa used to take care of him in childhood. He recalls his childhood days. He feels Choti Thakurain can’t attempt to kill him. He tells Diya that Kakimaa loves him. Diya asks him not to jump to any conclusion so soon. She doesn’t let emotions blind their mind.


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