Aarohi to learn Deep-Tara’s tie-up in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Deep gifts a car to Tara. He knows Tara can harm Aarohi anytime she wants. He wants to keep Tara occupied. He doesn’t want Tara to hurt his love. He calls Tara and surprises her by showing the new car for her. Tara gets glad seeing the car. He tries to keep her happy and assures that he will always be of her. Tara trusts Deep a lot. He is scared to think of Tara’s reaction when she knows he is cheating her. Lakshya is shocked when he sees Tara, Aarohi’s lookalike with his own eyes. He contacts Aarohi and informs her that he has seen Tara. Lakshya and Aarohi together make a plan to catch Tara.

Deep wants to keep Tara and Aarohi away from each other, so that there is peace maintained in their lives. Aarohi faces a big problem. She gets caught by Lakshya. Tara traps her by confusing Lakshya about her identity. Deep looks for Aarohi. Tara takes Aarohi’s disguise to mislead Deep and Lakshya.


Aarohi acts smart and convinces them about her true identity. She proves she is Aarohi and asks Lakshya to arrest Tara. Tara manages to run away. Aarohi feels someone has informed Tara about her plans, else it was impossible for Tara to know the exact details. Aarohi fixes spy cams in a huge teddy and keeps it in the living room to find the person helping out Tara. Aarohi will learn the truth of Deep and Tara’s marriage and planning against her. Will Aarohi catch Deep red-handed? Keep reading.


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