Avni and Neil’s meet gets unexpected in Naamkarann


Avni saves a girl from a politician’s son. She gathers evidence against him. She threatens to expose him by the video. She beats up the man and makes him apologize to the girl. Neil plans to visit the jail and meet Avni. The jailer announces about the Christmas competition. She tells them the winning reward. The prisoners get happy to participate and win. Avni dances with everyone. Neil comes to meet Avni. He imagines a romantic and emotional moment with Avni. He promises to free her soon. Neil’s imagination breaks out when he finds Avni distant. Avni thinks of the bitter note on which her relation with Neil ended.

She doesn’t like to talk to him. She gets angry and condemns him over his mistrust. The prisoners introduce themselves to Neil and praise his handsome killer looks. Neil tries to interact with Avni. Neela suggests Neil that he should tolerate Avni’s anger, till her heart gets cleared. Neil keeps an eye on Avni. He manages to track her.

He reaches Avni with an intention to talk to her and clarify things. He orders her to get her wounds healed. Neil confronts her about her prison breaking plan. He acts rude to her and tells her that she won’t be given any special treatment as she is his wife. She gets angry on Neil. She asks him if he has kept any relation when she needed him. She tells him that she will pray that no one gets a husband like Neil. She scolds Neil for cheating her. She asks him how did he fool her by his love. She tells him that she is just a criminal in his eyes. She vents out her frustration on him. She thinks of proceeding her planning by taking help from Ali.


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