Love confessions and romance on-shower in Tu Sooraj…


Uma confesses his love to Kanak. He apologizes to Paulmi for turning down her love and expectations. He tells Paulmi that he can just visualize Kanak as his wife. He feels sorry that he couldn’t fulfill her dreams, but explains her that she won’t get any happiness by a loveless relation. He asks her to move on in life. He breaks the vow given to Maasi so that he can save two lives from destruction. Maasi supports Uma in his decision so that he doesn’t doubt on her. Kanak demands Uma to express love to her once again. He tells her that he has expressed love as per the situation needs. She requests him. Uma turns filmi and confesses love to her. He turns into the hero of her dreams.

Uma tells her that love changes the person completely, and its her love which made him understand the true meaning of love and sacrifice. He tells her that he feels a lot when he sees her around. He gets much romantic. He tells her that he doesn’t have any existence without her. He confesses love to her in his special and unique way, making Kanak’s heart too happy.

Elsewhere, Vansh realizes his love for Saras, when she decides to leave from his life. He meets Sarah and tells her that he loves Saras, not her. He expresses his feelings for Saras to Sarah. He tells her that he feels like losing someone dear when Saras decided to leave him. He apologizes to Sarah for giving her false dreams. He then realizes that Saras is Sarah. He gets aback by the shocking truth. He gets falling for Saras more. He tells Saras that she has truly won his heart as she has changed herself for him. He confesses his love to Saras. He thanks her for changing him into a better person. Saras forgives him for all the bitterness. Vansh proposes Saras. Bhabho blesses the couple. Uma- Kanak and Vansh-Saras have an emotional union when they realize the power of mutual love.


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