Soumya plans to surprise Preeto in Shakti


Harman and Soumya plan Preeto’s birthday, so that Preeto forgets everything and gets happy. Soumya wants to give a surprise to Preeto. She involves all the family members in her plan. Raavi doesn’t want to give any surprise, as Preeto doesn’t love her anymore. She is angry as Preeto has accepted Soumya. She refuses to Soumya’s request. Shanno too turns them down. She tells Soumya that Harak can get against them if they come ahead to help. Soumya says how can everyone back out. She is adamant to carry on her goals. She makes a new plan and tells Harman that they will celebrate the birthday.

She says I have thought of something, everyone won’t attend the party, its no use to throw a party, we will better take Preeto out somewhere. Preeto hears Soumya’s planning. She regrets that she has troubled Soumya so much. She tells Harman that she accepts Soumya as her bahu, as Soumya is an ideal bahu, she didn’t realize Harman’s choice was right.

She says your wife is very lovely, who won’t want such a bahu, she is so perfect, I’m tired of hating her, I give up my hatred. She tells him that she will accept Soumya in front of the society. She tells Harman that Soumya has done a lot for them, its their turn to get Soumya her rights. Harman gets glad hearing such good things from Preeto. Preeto gives all the arrangements work to Harman. She asks him to get a new saree for Soumya. Harman happily hugs her. He always wanted Preeto and Soumya’s bond to become stronger by love and respect.


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