Meri Durga: Yashpal to take a big step to secure Durga


Sanjay and Gayatri welcome Aarti home. They insult Durga so that she gives up and accepts her mistake. Aarti taunts Durga for failing to her. Durga doesn’t want to give her rights to Aarti. She reminds that she is still Sanjay’s wife and no one can take her place. Sanjay warns Durga to mend her ways. Yashpal meets the blackmailer and gives him money so that Durga’s secret doesn’t come out. He beats the man and doesn’t want to get scared of him. The blackmailer threatens to tell everyone the truth. Sanjay spots Yashpal and follows him to know the matter. He realizes that the man is blackmailing Yashpal. He wants to know the secret.

Yashpal stops the blackmailer from revealing anything. The blackmailer asks him not to act smart. Yashpal requests him not to tell anyone. The blackmailer demands more money. He tells Yashpal that the secret is too big, so the amount will be bigger. Yashpal gets helpless to agree to him. Sanjay gets curious. Durga calls the police home and complaints about Sanjay. Gayatri gets a big shock on finding the complaint registered against Sanjay. She tells inspector that Sanjay is innocent. Durga tells her that Sanjay has cheated her. Yashpal thinks of killing the blackmailer to secure Durga’s secret. Will Yashpal commit a crime or will Sanjay take advantage of the situation? Keep reading.


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